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3 Steps for a Clutter-Free Assisted Living Home

3 Steps for a Clutter-Free Assisted Living Home

Living in assisted living and memory care facilities can help you stay safe, well, and well-functioning as you age. With assisted living and memory care, you may get help with your everyday tasks and assistance getting your medication. You might enjoy nice meals in a dining room every day and have all of your amenities on-site at the location. Even then, clutter can sometimes make your living environment hard to live in. Here are a few steps you need to take to reduce clutter in your home.

Why do you need a clutter-free home?

As an elderly adult, clutter in your home can cause you to feel anxious and stressed. Every time you try to move to another room, the appearance of so many items and objects can frustrate you and cause you to feel upset as the day progresses. A clutter-free home stops you from feeling this way. You can breathe normally as you come home from a day at the park and relax right away on your couch. You also have the benefit of not tripping and falling and potentially injuring yourself due to clutter. There are some steps you should take if you want to reduce clutter in your home.

How to have a clutter-free assisted living home

Understanding how to think and respond to your new home is key to reducing clutter. By having less clutter in your home, it’ll get easier for you and your guests to move around freely. A clutter-free home is the kind of environment an assisted living and memory care facility would want you to have.

1. Understand that less is more

Sometimes, the less you have the better. Can you think of objects and gifts that have the most profound meaning? These objects alone take the place of many, many small items that have no real meaning. Learning to recycle or give away items you don’t need is essential to living in a clutter-free home.

2. Putting things back where you found them saves time

Putting items back where you found them will reduce the hassle of trying to remember where you put everything. As an elderly adult, you may already have problems with memory that make chasing down your belongings a real pain, indeed. Put each item back where it was before so you don’t have to worry about this anxiety. You’ll see that your room will be cleaner and more organized in the process.

3. Ask friends and family for help

When in doubt, ask your friends and family for help. Consider scheduling some time during the weekend to invite your friends and family over to do some decluttering. Having multiple people over at once will help you get the decluttering process done faster and to greater effect. Just make sure that you consider their opinions regarding where items should go. There’s a possibility that your family and friends might have some excellent decluttering ideas that can help.

An assisted living and memory care facility can help you when you get older in age and need a place to go. These facilities specialize in providing assisted living care to much older residents. As a resident in one of these facilities, clutter can become an issue. As long as you take these three steps, your time in an assisted living and memory care facility will be much more comfortable.

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