5 Tips to Ace in Project Management

Almost 42% of companies are not aware of the importance of effective project management. And it’s no wonder why 70% of projects fail globally.

How you deal with your projects often determines how successful they will become. Therefore, you need to foster some foolproof strategies before you embark on a project and of course, during the execution process.
Let’s see what you should do to handle your projects more effectively and yield the best results with minimum effort.

Create an Executable Plan

First of all, define the project scope as precisely as possible. Identify gaps and make a plan to address them accordingly. Plan out a roadmap for the objectives and aims you are shooting for.

However, to get started, make sure you are following the below steps first

  • Consult your executives and list down what you will do throughout the project.
  • Don’t forget to set a deadline.
  • Assess the situation, evaluate your plan and set a reasonable budget covering all possible expenses. 

A sophisticated programme like Zoho CRM can boost your productivity by streamlining the project management process.
From documenting the project plan to distributing tasks and monitoring progress, you can utilize a handful of features.

Deploy the Best Resources

Skilled resources achieve the best results no matter how complex the project is. Comb through your available resources, evaluate their performance, and select the most relevant employees for your project.

Most projects fail due to inappropriate professionals handling company projects. Only 47% of overall projects are run by certified project managers. And you cannot expect the highest yield with irrelevant employees working on the projects. 

However, resources are not meant to be your employees only. Instead, you should consider the required machinery, equipment, staff, and budget. If you sense any shortcomings, revamp your plan to suit the condition or resolve them ASAP.

Put Everything in Documents

Documentation is a vital part of any project. Regardless of the complexity and scope, document everything to keep track of the progress and potential shortcomings and identify fields for possible improvements.
While this can be tedious for large-scale projects, putting everything in a well-organised document pays off. 

However, to kick-start your project documentation process, you can start with the following

  • Include an overall project timeline and create subtasks along with their respective deadline to get an overview of the necessary paperwork and associated resources. 
  • List down project requirements and keep track of the distributions needed for the successful execution of the project.

Zoho Writer can be your companion here to help you document essentials. Alternatively, you can utilise Zoho Projects to manage your projects efficiently. If you are unsure how to use it for office management purposes, you can always reach out to expert Zoho consultants

Monitor the Progress Periodically

Many brands make mistakes by not monitoring the progress of the projects from time to time. Sometimes they wait for the end result, which brings disaster to the project structure, objectives, and budget.
It is estimated that 55% of projects fail due to additional budgets needed for initially failing to set project scopes.

So, once your project is live, don’t take it for granted. Monitor closely for further improvements in the plan, refine objectives with every single opportunity, and keep it functional throughout. Set KPIs, measure performance, resolve obstacles, and encourage team members to achieve the goal within the deadline.

However, there will always be some team members who perform poorly than others. And they can only be identified if you monitor the activities and take timely actions. 

Leverage Top-notch Project Management Software

Handling a big project is always challenging. In some cases, you may have to take care of multiple projects simultaneously, making it more difficult to execute them successfully. 35% of project managers still use Microsoft Excel for managing their projects. 

If you have various projects at hand at any given time, the chances are, you are not getting the best out of them. In cases like these, Microsoft Excel as a project management software might not be sufficient. With a robust agency project management tool at your disposal, you can manage subscriptions, deals, and all necessary info in a few clicks. This can surely boost your productivity.

So, What Could be a Solution?

Zoho CRM can be your ideal choice for successful project management and customer retention. But deal management from Zoho CRM, i.e. transferring deals to projects manually takes time, and often there is a risk of making mistakes.

To avoid such situations and automate the process, you can use a third-party integration Deal to Project converter for Zoho CRM, developed by SaasPlugin. With this, your project management skill will undoubtedly scale up, followed by a greater ROI.

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