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A Walk in the Clouds: Harihar Fort for Beginners

If you are looking for the best treks in Maharashtra then the Harihar Fort trek is one of the best ones for you. This is a moderate-level trek and it is located 160 km away from Mumbai. This fort is also known as the Harshgarh fort. The construction of this fort is done in a triangular prism rock. This fort in the Nashik district was built to keep an eye on Gonda Ghat which was the ancient trade route. Harshewadi and Nigrupada are the two villages that serve as the base villages of the fort, from here the fort is easily accessible. There you’ll see the storage tanks where the food used to be stored during ancient times. This fort in Maharashtra is most famous because of its rock-cut steps. From the top of this fort, you can also have mesmerizing views of some other forts like Anjaneri Fort, Bharskargad Fort, and Bhramagiri Fort. 

This trek is suitable for you If you are a beginner, a solo traveler, a woman, or even if you are traveling with your family. The Harihar fort trek is one of the best treks around Mumbai. Here’s a perfect guide for you where we’ve mentioned every detail you need to know about this trek. 

Harihar trek information

1. Altitude/height of the fort: this fort is located at a height of 3676 ft. which can be easily accessible if you are fit.

2. Base village of the trek: Harshewadi and Nashik serve as the base village of the Harihar fort trek 

3. Best time for the trek: June to February is the best time for this trek. During this time the weather is pleasant which makes it easier for trekkers to complete the trek easily

4. Difficulty level of the trek: this trek is rated as an easy to moderate level trek which makes it ideal for both beginners and experienced trekkers. 

5. Distance of the trek: the total distance of this trek is 7 km. 

6. Duration of the trek: it will take around 2-3 hours for you to complete this trek

What makes the Harihar Fort special

  • A trek to Harihar Fort will give you a chance to go on a thrilling and exciting adventure and you’ll also get to learn about the ancient history of Maharashtra.
  • There you’ll find water tanks filled up with freshwater
  • You can have stunning views of sunrise from the top of the fort, this beautiful view is just a treat to one’s eyes. 
  • You can capture the beauty of this place with the camera and you can even get some amazing pictures clicked of yourself. 
  • From the top of the fort, you will have a great 360-degree view of Sahyadri 
  • You will experience the real thrill of climbing on the vertical cut-out stairs
  • There you can seek blessings from lord shiva and Hanuman at the temple situated there 
  • From the top of this fort, you can also have mesmerizing views of some other forts like Anjaneri Fort, Bharskargad Fort, and Bhramagiri Fort. 

Best season to do the Harihar Fort trek 

If you are planning a trek to Harihar Fort then you should plan it from June to february. During these months you can have the best views of the surroundings from the top of the fort. If you want to see the lush green Shayadris then you must visit during monsoon season. 

If you want to have a safe trekking experience and you also want clear views of the nearby forts then you can plan a trek during the post-monsoon month. During this time you’ll witness the lush green landscapes same as in the monsoon months but the trekking experience will be safer than monsoon month. 

It is recommended not to plan a trek during the summer season as the weather can be extremely hot during that time which will make your trekking experience unpleasant. 

Difficulty level of Harihar fort trek 

The Harihar Fort trail is a level walk that is difficult and rated moderate to challenging. At the nominal stage, the way is easily traced but starts to get steeper as you progress, and you need to overpass stones and tricky spots. The ultimate ascend is not for everybody and the hard fitness level and nimbleness are needed because of the near vertical rock-cut stairway with ‘the steps missing’ that add up the heroic part. Climbing the wall in this section may be tricky and, thus not a good option for considerers who are beginners or who are afraid of heights. Climatic elements can also compromise the outlook as ice-covered surfaces might be present during monsoons. Despite everything, the summit is worth all the while, and it is amazing to hike and walk at the summit, which makes it an excellent experience for those going on a challenging journey with a light experience.

How to reach the base village 

Two villages are serving as the base camp of this trek. Both of these villages are easily accessible by public or individual vehicle. Nigrudpad and Hashewadi are the two villages that serve as the base villages of this trek. 

By road: to reach Nigrudpad you can take a bus from Nashik to Trimbak and from there you’ll have to switch the bus to reach Nigrudpad/Harshewadi. you can also reach there by your vehicle or book a cab if it fits your budget. 

By train: you can take a train to Nashik or Igatpuri. You need to get off at the Igatpuri railway station if you are traveling from Mumbai. Nashik is 40 km away from the base villages and Igatpuri is 48 km away from them. After reaching these stations you can take a bus from there to Trimbak and after reaching there switch buses to reach Nigrudpad/Harshewadi. 

By air: you can take a flight to Ozar Airport in Nashik to reach Harihar Fort. you can also take a flight from Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport to Nashik airport.                 

Places to visit in Harihar Fort

You can also explore many other forts and peaks near Harihar Fort. Here is a list of some famous places nearby:

1. Anjaneri Fort: you can visit the Anjaneri Fort, here you will find the only temple of Mata Anjaneri who is the mother of lord Hanuman. The trek to this fort is easy to moderate and the starting point of this trek is Anjaneri village. 

2. Bhaskargad: you can see this fort from the top of Harihar fort and it is also one of the closest fort located near the Harihar fort. Trekkers can complete both of these treks in just one day. The Bhaskargad Fort trek is rated as an easy trek on the scale of difficulty level. 

3. Bhramagiri Hill: Bhramagiri Hills lies near the Harihar Fort in Maharashtra. They give an atmosphere of beauty to those who love trekking. Skeletonized by evergreen trees, the slopes become a tranquil retreat with some of the most beautiful sceneries. The journey will open up to a lot of views with clear visibility, which is an excellent way of experiencing the perfect nature scene lovers desire peace and adventure in this mountain.

4. Ashoka Waterfalls: Hidden in the heart of Maharashtra, Ashoka Waterfalls, situated amid the calm greenery at the base of Harihar Fort, is a gorgeous retreat. Each tier of the falls cascades down the rocky landscape producing as quiet a backdrop as water can make. A place where one can find eternal poetic serenity accompanied by all the beautiful characters of our enigmatic nature is accessible via a scenic trek to the Ashoka Waterfall. The place is a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts to seek solitude amidst the powerful beauty of Maharashtra.

What to pack for the Harihar Fort trek

  • A first aid kit is a must to carry
  • One original and a photocopy of government ID proof
  • Sunglasses, sun cap, and scarf 
  • A water bottle that can store at least 2 liters of water 
  • Snacks and food
  • Chocolates, nuts, dry fruits, or homebaked cake 
  • Essential medicines 
  • Good quality trekking shoes


Harihar Fort trail in Maharastra is an exciting adventure involving ascents of moderately to highly difficult terrains as well as the exploration of the historical past. The ascent is tough and full of wonder, and the result is the fort of old, its ruins mesmerizingly emerging. The spotless combination of adventure, history, and picturesque beauty make Harihar Fort Trek truly exhilarating and gives a great sense of accomplishment to the trekkers for the extraordinary journey and further deepens their appreciation and respect for the area’s natural and cultural heritage. The Harihar Fort Trek is an unforgettable one for those who are looking for either a thrill or history or both. It interweaves the elements of nature, history, and the sheer thrill of climbing a difficult battle hill to give a very unique experience.

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