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Feeling Cold During Pregnancy | Is It Normal?

In this article, we will analyze the condition of getting the sensation of being chilled and cold during the span of pregnancy. After getting in a relationship, you have enjoyed a sufficient period of life and now you are serious to get pregnant. You must be familiar with what you can face during pregnancy. One of the common concerns during pregnancy is feeling cold more than usual. What could be the possible reasons behind this phenomenon, and whether this matter should be regarded as a concern or not? So, let us get started.

Why do I feel cold during pregnancy?

Are you in a constant state of dilemma and anxiety after confronting the state of cold during pregnancy? Sit tight, and relax as you have come to the right place. In this article, we will describe the possible natural mechanism of this interesting phenomenon that has been taking place intermittently during your pregnancy. 

In addition, of course, to your relief, it is a matter of no concern at all. Various metabolic reactions like enhancement in the blood flow, increased body demands, extra nutritional needs, and numerous hormonal surges are responsible for this activity to come about.

Is feeling cold during pregnancy normal?

Yes, it is completely normal, and to be more specific about this happening, this metabolic state has nothing to do with the overall health status of your baby, which means that your baby is still in safe mode. The real mechanism of this incident lies in the fact that pregnancy brings some superfluous responsibilities in the form of a growing baby, increased cardiac output, and a surge in the nutritional requirements of the body of the mother. All these factors may cause the metabolic system to overdo the work. Thereby, the body temperature increases.

This rise in body temperature paves the way for the hypothalamus to act, subjecting the body to lower its temperature, and here you will start feeling the cold sensation in your body. Additionally, sitting in a well-chilled room can also contribute to this fascinating body change.

What are the causes of cold during pregnancy?


You may have noticed that almost all normal pregnancies have iron deficiency anemia as a common symptom in their status manifestation. It is because, during pregnancy, your general gestational symptom may include vaginal spotting, discharge, or bleeding, causing iron levels to get lowered. Iron deficiency is accompanied by the altered oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin, thereby deteriorating the systemic functioning of the body systems, including the thermo-regulatory system. That’s why you feel cold.


You may have to experience a compromise in the thyroid functioning of your body during pregnancy, causing thyroid hormone levels to get depressed. As thyroid hormones maintain the metabolic state of the body, disruption in normal levels is associated with altered body temperature.

  • Slow nervous activity (retarded movements and thoughts) 
  • Muscle weakness and pain 
  • Cold chills 
  • Depression 
  • Constipation 
  • Sexual dysfunction 
  • Weight gain 


Suffering from degraded quality and quantity of sleep is very common among pregnant women. Normally, during sleep, your body’s metabolic functions also take rest with you. However, in the cases of insomnia, this does not happen, allowing your body to function vigorously even at night. Hence, derangement in sleep patterns may ensue the disruption of normal body temperature mechanisms.

Living in cold habitat

If you are living in a cold climate region or the air-conditioner of your room is not turned off at all, then it is very likely that you would get the experience of freezing during pregnancy. It should be understood that counter-regulatory mechanisms (to excessive heat produced during pregnancy) by the hypothalamus can be reinforced by living in a chilled environment. Hence, you should surround yourself with warm conditions during pregnancy.

How to warm up yourself during pregnancy?

If you are feeling too cold/ miserable chills then time to warm up yourself. Try these simple ways; they may help you get back to normal temperature.

How does wearing more clothes help you to fight a cold?

What? More clothes seem uncanny but you have to do this. It is the best option to fight pregnancy chills. Wear leggings under your jeans and a jacket on your shirt to decrease the cold.

Rest and relaxation 

Sometimes pregnant women cannot get enough sleep and they feel tired. It can be the reason for colds during pregnancy. Therefore, taking rest and getting enough sleep can help you to get rid of coldness. Getting a quick nap and relaxing bath is also a good way to warm you.

Role of iron supplements to get rid of pregnancy chills

Iron regulates your body temperature and plays a pivotal role to stay healthy. Lacking iron in your body may increase the feeling of cold during pregnancy. Your and your baby’s health depends on how much iron you are getting. Remember before getting any supplement consult with your doctor.

Take an eye on your food consumption

Proper nutrition is an important factor during pregnancy to keep your body temperature normal. If you want you and your baby to stay healthy then you should focus on a balanced diet. Drink plenty of water that keeps you hydrated. If your diet is not balanced, it may affect your overall health, body temperature, and energy levels.

When to seek medical attention?

Confronting chills during pregnancy should be a matter of no serious concern for you and it requires no medical emergency protocol. However, if you continuously get the sensation of being chilled, even at normal room temperature, seek medical attention promptly as this time; chills might be due to some pathological conditions.

Another important aspect that is to be taken very seriously is being feverish during pregnancy as a fever might be an essential cause of producing sepsis, which ultimately leads to fetal demise in the worst-case scenario. After getting a recommendation from your doctor, start antibacterial therapy immediately.

Bottom Lines 

Pregnancy usually gives you unwanted experiences such as heartburn, high blood pressure, and depressing feelings. Feeling cold and having chills on top of all other signs can be a major source of discomfort. However, these chills are not usually a sign of any complications to the developing baby if you do not have any other serious underlying pathology.

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