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Step by Step guide to solve [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] email error




Microsoft Outlook is a widely used Microsoft utility that is equally trusted by consumers and businesses. It is widely recognized as one of the most secure email apps available. Hundreds of millions of users entrust their personal and professional information to this app. The fact that consumers trust this app is significant for both the firm and the application.

Microsoft Outlook is designed to make the process of sending and receiving emails as simple as possible. The Microsoft Outlook service allows users to send and receive emails to many accounts, but there’s more. It also plays an important part in the administration of users’ personal data. Contacts, Calendar dates and annotations, Notes, and much more are all included in this data.

What is [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6]?

If you’ve been using Outlook for a while, you’re probably aware that it’s bug- and virus-free for a large portion of the time. However, mistakes such as [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] can occur out of nowhere.

These types of errors can ruin not just your attitude and work routine, but also your entire day. The frustrating thing is that simply refreshing and restarting the computer will not solve the problem. To solve this mistake and return to the previous state, you must undertake troubleshooting on your own or use one of the many available repair options.

You’re probably curious about the location of the mistake and the ways that could be useful in resolving it effectively. We’ll go through everything about the [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] problem in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get right to the root of this perplexing problem.

Why email error [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] Occurs?

When it comes to the source or reason for this error, there is no specific reason for it. Users of Microsoft Outlook have come across a variety of explanations for this problem. It’s difficult to pinpoint the precise cause of the problem. When you can’t figure out what’s causing the problem, the best thing you can do is experiment with different approaches until you find one that works.

The SMTP server conflict is one of the most prevalent reasons or causes of this problem. This issue occurs when a conflict arises between the Microsoft Outlook account used to log in to the application. The [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] error’s closest effect is to prevent users from sending emails.

Other causes of the problem include any defect that can lead to corruption. It’s not critical to figure out what caused the issue. Tracking the eventual answer or fix to the problem is what makes a difference.

How to fix [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] email error?

1.      Conflicting SMTP Servers

If the problem is caused by a standard SMTP server conflict, follow the procedures below.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Click and select the “File” option from the app’s left corner.
  • Go to the Account Settings page.
  • There will be a window appear. There, select the email tab.
  • Now go to the “More Settings” page.
  • Select Internet Mail Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Toggle the “my outgoing server(SMTP)” checkbox on the General tab.
  • Select “Save” from the drop-down menu.
  • Close the window and reopen Microsoft Outlook to see if the problem has been resolved.

2.      Install the most recent version of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft is an excellent platform on which to work. It believes in going with the flow as a brand. Probably because of this, we continue to see upgrades in its applications every now and again. Updates are released almost every month. Many conflicts and difficulties can be avoided by keeping the application updated to the most recent version.

The majority of the time, all of the errors that arise in the Microsoft Outlook application are caused by a misconfigured setting. All of these conflicts and difficulties will be handled automatically after you update Microsoft Outlook. This will prevent you from receiving various errors and pop-ups as a result of using an earlier version of Microsoft Outlook.

Now is the moment to update Microsoft Outlook if you haven’t already done so. There are various ways to keep your Microsoft Outlook up to date. You have the option of editing the application internally or through Microsoft Update.

The nice thing is that these updates will update M.S. Outlook as well as other O.S. program and functionality. This is ideal for your computer’s general health. Check and compare the version you’re looking for with the most recent version available on the Microsoft Office Website before updating the Microsoft application. Follow the instructions below to upgrade your Microsoft Outlook account.

  • On your computer or P.C., open the M.S. Outlook app.
  • Click the Files button in the upper left corner.
  • Choose “My Account” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Update” option from the product information menu.

A dialogue box titled “Downloading Microsoft Updates” will display on the screen. You can send and receive emails without seeing the error warning on your screen once the download is complete.

3.      Modify the Port Number

If you’re wondering why we included port number change in these approaches, we’ll get to it in a minute. When it comes to correcting the error, this is one of the most successful methods. Many others have tried it, and they’ve been surprised to see how the issue disappears just by changing the port number.

It’s a simple and basic technique that may be completed in a matter of seconds or minutes. The mismatched port numbers of the servers are one of the causes of the [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] issue. As a result, the issue will disappear as soon as you change the port number.

To modify the port numbers in the Microsoft Outlook application, follow the procedures below.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Choose Files from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the email and open it. Choose the email account for which the port number needs to be changed.
  • Select “Change” from the drop-down menu.
  • On the screen, a dialogue window stating “changes have been made” will appear. More Options should be selected.
  • Select the Advanced tab. Select Internet Email Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the port number in the Outgoing Server (STMP).
  • To confirm, click OK.

The new port numbers will be preserved, and all conflicts will be resolved as a result of the new settings. Restart the computer and pick up where you left off. Check that all of the functionalities in your Microsoft Outlook application are working properly once you restart it. You can repeat the operation if you discover a problem, and it will be resolved. If the problem persists, you must attempt different approaches.

4.      Delete Accounts That Are Duplicate

If you’ve tried both of the ways above and still can’t get the problem to go away, it’s time to delete the duplicate accounts from your Outlook account. The [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] Error notification can appear on your screen at any time if you manage several accounts from the same Outlook account.

If you delete any of these accounts, the issue will go away. You can get rid of the [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] email error by following the instructions listed below.

  • Choose Files from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to Account Settings and select it. From the drop-down menu, select Account Settings.
  • Select the email account you want to remove from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Remove icon from the menu.
  • After the last confirmation box appears, click “OK.”

After correctly completing the procedures listed above, the [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] error should be resolved. It is instantly corrected. Check for the problem, and if it isn’t there, you’re good to go.

Another thing to remember is to keep your accounts tidy and nicely managed. If the error message displays again, repeat the steps above. Any error or conflict will no longer detract from your work.

If you are unable to resolve the error using this approach of eliminating duplicate accounts, the issue could be caused by something else. Now is the time to use the following methods to improve the error.

5.      Use the Control Panel to resolve the issue.

Another effective approach for removing the [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] Error is to use the control panel. The Microsoft Office Suite might become corrupted as a result of missing files. The [pii_email_e97b06d078c50a765db6] Error appears as a result. The steps to resolving the problem are listed below.

  • From the taskbar, select the Start Button.
  • Type “Control Panel” into the search bar to access the Control Panel.
  • Choose “Programs and Feasibility” from the drop-down menu.

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0x0 0x0 Window Error | How to Solve it in easy steps?



0x0 0x0 error

If you are using Windows on your Laptop or PC, you might face the 0x0 0x0 error. Nowadays, 0x0 0x0 windows error is widespread, and you are reading this guide because you are finding the solution to it.

You have come to the right blog post because, in this article, we will discuss the solutions to this error.

What is 0x0 0x0 error?

0x0 0x0 is a malfunction error that usually happens on Windows when updated or newly installed on your system.

This error can be caused due to different errors, which will be discussed later in this article, but remember, the major reason includes the misconfiguration of your system’s operating system.

Causes of 0x0 0x0 Window error?

Well, there can be multiple reasons behind this standard error on your Windows. We have mentioned some of the most common reasons below for your consideration:

  • Missing, Damaged, or misconfigured registry entry
  • Lack or poor installation of Drivers to any of your application
  • Concern with the hardware
  • Installing or installing a software
  • 0x0 0x0 error can be caused because of shutdown because of power failure
  • Virus Attack or Corrupt File

How to Solve 0x0 0x0 error?

The best solution to solve this window error is to get a professional technician’s services to avoid any mishappen in losing your data.

Of course, facing the 0x0 0x0 error is annoying, mainly when your PC is dedicated to business work. Solving it is not a difficult task until you know the right way.

However, we have discussed some of the easiest ways to solve the 0x0 0x0 error below:

1.      End Conflicting Application

If you are multitasking on your computer, there is a chance of 0x0 0x0 error because of conflict between two or more applications.

It would be best if you closed the programs to avoid this error and work smoothly. Here’s how to close a program to avoid conflict:

  • Open the Task Manager by pressing ALT+CTRL+Del
  • You need to close the application one by one by right-clicking and clicking on the “End Task.
  • It would help if you observed which of the programs was occurring this error

Most Probably, this way, you can solve the 0x0 0x0 error code.

2.      Disk Cleanup for any virus

There are chances that you will face the windows error due to a virus in your system files. You can quickly fix the 0x0 0x0 error by having a quick Disk Cleanup. Disk Cleanup is a built-in Microsoft service that enables you to clean the disks to empty the space on the drive and remove the virus.

You can read more for Disk Cleanup here:

3.      Reinstall Drivers

If you have recently attached a new Peripheral device or wanted to install the drivers of the existing utility, then the 0x0 0x0 error may be due to this. A misconfigured driver can be the reason for this error. The best way to avoid this is to update the driver or reinstall it for all the devices.

How to install or reinstall drivers?

To read about installing or reinstalling the drivers in your system, you can read the article here:

4.      Update your Windows and Antivirus Software

If you have just installed the windows and facing a 0x0 0x0 window error, then there may be misconfiguration with your window installation.

You need to update your window or reinstall it to avoid this error.

Updating the windows or antivirus software can quickly solve the error code 0x0 0x0.


Nowadays, the 0x0 0x0 error code is becoming common because of pirated or misconfigured windows. However, the above four methods mentioned can quickly help you to solve this problem.

Although the best way is to hire an expert, especially when you have data losing issue, because the technical person will permanently save your data and solve this error.

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Why Should You Consider Redesigning Your Web Design?



Your Web Design No Longer Accurately Reflects Your Brand

If you want your audience to take you seriously and your business should be considered a professional and credible business, it becomes extremely important for your web design. Sydney portrays a strong image that directly represents your business model and captures the essence of your brand.

When you have a strong brand image, it helps the business take the small business and the entrepreneur to stand out against their competitors.

Your Web Design Is Outdated Compared To The New Design Trends

As the web design Sydney keeps on changing every few years, a two or three-year-old website starts to seem outdated compared to teh competitors who have an updated website. The latest web design Sydney is all about having a flat design that uses simple patterns that are usually 2-dimensional with a modern and clean loom that is compatible with the mobile interfaces and desktops.

As the use of mobile is at pace and increasing day by day, the complex designs with large images make it much difficult for teh users to browse your website. Therefore, the flat Web Design Brisbane makes it easier and mobile-friendly as well.

Your Website Isn’t Responsive

When you have a responsive web design Sydney, it easily adapts to fit the screen size of your mobile devices. While reviewing your analytics, if you find out that a large chunk of your website visitors is coming from mobile devices, then it’s time for you to have a responsive web design. The user might be using different mobile devices like an iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Samsung mobile and more.

Therefore, having a responsive web design makes it possible for the users to navigate teh website easily on all the different devices, providing a great user experience. This will affect your click-through rate, credibility and will also lead to generation and sales.

You Are Losing Mobile Visitors

You might feel a higher bounce rate than usual if you do not have a mobile-friendly website and a large portion of your visitors are from mobile devices.  This will undoubtedly affect your bottom line because it will be going to cost you valuable leads. Therefore, if you do an effective redesign of your website, it will address this issue and help you reduce your bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

Your Website Is Not Optimized For Search Engines

If you constructed your website using a template or have dynamic URLs, it is important for you to redesign your website to improve your site’s structure to become more SEO friendly. A website redesign also helps in improving the coding and making your website an SEO friendly website.

Your Website Is Built On Outdated Technology

If you have a website constructed in a flash, it has become much more difficult for the search engines to access and reach on to the mobile devices, or maybe you have a website running on the plugin that has not been updated over the years. When you update your website as per the new technology and trends, it will perform better and be even more efficient, providing a better user experience for the visitors.

If you are looking for an affordable website designer in Melbourne, Make My website is an affordable Website Design Sydney company. They have a team of experienced and knowledgeable web designers who aim at customer satisfaction by providing quality service. Make My website team focuses on building your website unique by focusing on your brand identity. The designers make sure that your website represents your goals and needs. The team uses the latest technological method, which helps you reach a global web presence and build a relationship with your customers. If you are sure about building a unique website, you can schedule a call with our Web Design Brisbane team to ensure you do not lose any potential customers.

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Top 10 Cyber Security Strategies to safeguard your business online



According to report, “the biggest threat to the UK’s security is Ransomware and Covid-related cyber-crimes”

Ransomware is a sort of cyber-attack that locks off files and data on a computer and demands a sum for access.

Thus, ransomware is the biggest threat to the UK’s security. In such a situation, businesses must ensure end-to-end security with no potential loopholes. Corporates can ensure a highly efficient cyber security system by utilizing the best of Guaranteed Acceptance Loans.

Cybersecurity is critical in delivering key government strategies from boosting national resilience and making the UK a superpower.

Apart from this, a weak cyber security structure can lead to-

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • IoT attacks
  • Crypto-jacking
  • Reputational damage
  • Financial loss

Thus, ensuring strong Cyber security is critical to ensure a safe user experience. Here is how you can achieve a secured system.

Cyber Security Tips to ensure business safety online

1)      Ensure a proper password management

Businesses often find it hard to maintain passwords and keep them. This is one reason cyber-attacks occur. For this reason, use a password manager.How inquisitive it might seem, always use different passwords for every login. It reduces the possibility of getting hacked.

The most important thing is – NEVER SHARE PASSWORDS

Be it your employee or anyone, never share your passwords with anyone.

Unique passwords ensure that not every account gets compromised. Thus, it becomes easier to control the breach.

2)      Install a Multi-factor Authentication system

Most businesses online are often reluctant to adopt a multi-factor authentication system, as it is time-taking. But the fact is, multi-factor authentication ensures security at a broad level.

A notification or authentication email is sent to a user after successfully logging in with a password and ID. The user must then enter the code they received in the mail to gain access to the system.

Multi-factor authentication blocks access to malicious factors that may harm the security of a business online. If any malicious person tries to access the system using someone else’s credentials, he will have to go through the same system, and thus will get trapped.

To install this successfully, ensure an alert system. It will trigger and acquaint you with any malicious activity that has taken place on the website or dashboard and prevent the hacker from logging in.

3)      Ensure a Back-up

Life is unpredictable, and so are the files. They may crash or get hacked anytime. The first thing to do is–NEVER PUT ALL EGGS IN A SINGLE BASKET, YOU ARE LIKELY TO LOSE THEM ALL. Yes, this is true, especially when your cyber security gets hacked. 

Ensure a daily backup and put it safely on a fully encrypted device on a separate secret network(not-accessible-to-all)

Do not share login credentials to this data with anyone in the room. Keep it to yourself. 

Use complex credentials – hard enough to crack and hack. It will prevent your workstations and servers.

4)      Update your security network controls

When did you last review and test your network security controls? 

If you don’t remember it, then the right time to do so is NOW!

Analyze whether:

  • Do your Virtual Private Network (VPN) functions according to the latest update?
  • Can you monitor network traffic for your users from all sources effortlessly? 
  • Has cloud migration affected security? 

If you find any of these lacking in ensuring complete satisfaction, then revise your security control policies and update them in tune with the demand of the hour. Consider whether you need additional security software or improve cloud-based security solutions.

5)      Educate employees on cyber security

Although, security-oriented webinars are often avoided by employees as it doesn’t relate to their usual tasks. But ensuring knowledge on the same is critical to avoid any major system leak.

A broader cultural shift is needed to determine the importance of security. And that everyone needs to play their part actively in ensuring a strong one.

Educate entertainingly with your employees.

The employees need to acknowledge why certain things are worthy and non-worthy of attention for cyber security. An employee should buy into the idea of ensuring a highly efficient security system for operations to take place seamlessly.

6)      Implement IS Approach

Every company should have and maintain an Internet security approach that perfectly matches the business’s security requirements.

While selecting an internet security program, acknowledge that the program selected touches every security concern and grants the company to implement a risk-free database. Apart from ensuring security, this approach helps in detecting incidents and responding to them promptly.

7)      Conduct frequent Phishing Simulations

The phishing attack is one of the common cyber-attacks. 

It has been experienced by companies on a global level and hence requires undivided attention.

 Phishing simulations help educate employees on how to resist and avoid clicking on malicious links and downloading files from an unknown source. 

Raising awareness about cyber-security and threats to security from phishing help create awareness among employees and ensure a safe and smooth business online.

Humans are skeptical about clicking every link and filling up the details asked. This should be avoided to prevent phishing. It is important to confirm the consequences before your actions.

8)      Stick to a private network instead of a public one

Ensure you have your private network for your company instead of using the public or open-to-all network.

Use a private network-like home (in case of work from the home situation), a unique connection for office, instead of local-connection at a nearby café.

On public networks, computers and systems are exposed to serious threats and direct attacks from the internet. On the flip side, private networks use a firewall or an internet router that prevents attackers from attacking the device directly. It reduces the risk of becoming prey to a cyber security breach.

9)      Lock Your IP Address

Most security breaches result from location hacking. Thus, ensure multi-factor authentication for your IP address security. You can lock your IP address while migrating the website host lock.

Apart from this, before using third-party tools, ensure that the website is completely safe and has 2-factor authentication. It will not only help lock IP address; but prevent malicious actions from other regions affecting your security. The hackers can’t log in to your important software like CRM after ensuring a safe IP address set-up.


10)   Be prepared even after a tight security set-up

Even working hard to ensure triple-layered security- THE BUSINESS MAY GET HACKED!

Yes, it is hard to believe the truth. Thus, be prepared and use anti-malware software to reduce the possibilities. To counter any malware attack, ensure a backup of the data. Verify them time-to-time according to the business policies. Having a backup and ensuring a complete hold over security and business policies can help you prevent serious cyber-attacks. In short, ensuring a tight-security can help you fight cyber-crimes and avoid breach.

So, these are some strategies that you can implement to reduce the risk of cyber-attack and data infringement, and loss.

For meeting a business loss through private lenders UK, ensure that your business aligns with the repayment terms well. 

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