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Piknu Instagram Viewer: Is it down?

Piknu Instagram Viewer

Piknu is an online Instagram Web Viewer which is currently not operational. In the recent, Piknu became famous because of its user-friendly interface as well as the speed of the processing.

Many people used Piknu as an Instagram online viewer just to get data of the unfollowed person.

In this article, we will discuss more Piknu and its functionalities for the users.

What is Piknu?

Instagram Viewers are tools that let you see the Instagram profile without signing in to Instagram or following the user. The piknu Instagram Viewer is considered as one of the best tools which is currently down due to unknown reason.

Piknu was used by Millions of users for the sake of viewing profiles that are not being followed. For example, if you want to see the images and videos of a profile that you are not following then Piknu is the online tool that can help you.

You just need to enter the username of the user that you want to see the profile and without even logging in, you can see the posts of the Instagram user.

How does it work?

Piknu was developed on advanced algorithms that are integrated with Instagram APIs. These APIs help the Instagram viewer to automatically fetch the posts of the user without even following them.

The basic reason why this online Instagram viewer was more popular than its competitors include the fast working as well as the efficiency.

Is piknu Instagram Viewer Safe?

There’s no easy answer when it comes to whether or not piknu is safe. The website does have a privacy policy in place, but there’s no guarantee that the people behind the site will actually adhere to it.

Additionally, the site doesn’t seem to have any security measures in place to protect users’ information. So, if you do decide to use piknu, just be sure to be cautious about what information you share on the site.

Of course, many people are looking for the Piknu alternatives as it was one of the best Instagram viewers before it gets shut down.   

Piknu: Is it Down?

Piknu is down! Many people have this concern and they want to know why piknu is not working. The Piknu is down because of unknown reasons and none of the sources have told the reason.

However, the possible reason for the down of piknu includes the privacy concern or some other similar issues.

Below, we have discussed the best alternatives to Piknu for your consideration:

Best Piknu alternatives

·        Pikdo

Pikdo Search is an an online Instagram VIewer which words smoothly for viewing the photos of the private Instagram Account without following them.

Pikdo is usable online and you just need to enter the URL of the Instagram account and this till will find the photos and Analytics for free.

·        Imgtagram


The first alternative is Instagram. Imgtagram is another online Instagram Viewer and currently works. Many Peoples are using it as an alternative to piknu.

Imgtagram working is similar to Piknu because it too just requires the username of the Instagram Viewer and you just need to enter the username to get further data.

You can easily download the posts of the user for which you are using Imgtagram.

·         Ipopam


This is not just an online Instagram Viewer rather it provides the different analytics of Instagram account. Because of this, many marketers use this for competitor analysis of Instagram Accounts.

Ipopam is completely free for everyone and you just need to enter the username to get the following information:

·        Dumpor


One of the best Instagram viewers is Dumpor. This is a private and free Instagram viewer that works the same as Piknu Insta viewer.

One of the reasons why Dumpor is famous is because of its extra features. It also works as an Instagram Story Viewer and many people use this online tool to see the private story of a user.

Whether you follow or not, you can enter the username and see all of its private data.


Piknu was one of the best Instagram and story viewers but currently, it is down. There is no specific reason why is it down because there’s no source for it.

If you want to see the private Instagram viewer, the above-mentioned alternatives are the best options.

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