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The best MOBA games of today

Best MOBA games

Do you know the best MOBA games of today? Probably yes, this is one of the most popular categories among gamers.

With famous titles all over the world, this type of electronic game never went out of fashion, despite having very few updates.

Despite this scarcity of releases, companies are always looking to innovate in some way, be it graphics or changing the perspective of the game. Do you want to know all these titles? So don’t stop reading at the end, and choose your favorite!

What are the MOBA games?

The MOBA games, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena in English, and Arena Battle Multiplayer Online, in Portuguese, are one of the most famous modalities in the world.

With very few similarities with other genres, a MOBA game works with 2 times of 5 participants, who fight on a map of the same size on both sides, at two times to destroy the rival’s base.

Some studios have made a fortune with games of this genre, such as Valve and Riot Games.

There are titles for all platforms, such as PS4 and PS 5, Nintendo Switch and PC, so that all types of gamers can take advantage of the adventures of the MOBAs.

Each title has several characters, who have different abilities, to influence the game.

In addition, calculating strategies for your game and acquiring extra skills are also attributed to two players in this genre, which makes it even more embarrassing.

The games in MOBA games can last just a few minutes, or whole hours, with a lot of battle, strategy, construction and much more.

Still, there are other creatures I don’t play, and there are also automated soldiers, which give a whiff of more emotion and adrenaline for the games.

In short, the objective of the game is to destroy the enemy base, while engaging in epic battles, miraculous strategies and sharing all this adventure with friends.

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5 best MOBA games of today

Now that you no longer understand how MOBA games work, it’s time to discover the best options of today.

These titles are already consecrated by people around the entire world, and this fame is due to its unique and wonderful characteristics.

See more about each one and give them a follow, and you will know what the particularities of the MOBA games are incredible!

  1. League of Legends

We simply cannot miss two of the best MOBA games, without mentioning the iconic League of Legends, from Riot Games.

Available for PCs, the title is the biggest worldwide phenomenon in the category, and left its main competitor, Dota, for a long time after in terms of popularity.

In addition, League of Legends currently has the largest community of active gamers in the world, which is nourished by constant updates and game balance.

League of Legends also stands out in many electronic sports games, with various world competitions in different locations around the world. Therefore, it is an extremely popular and addictive game.

  1. Dota 2

The Dota game is known for having placed the MOBA game genre on the map, it established a pattern for this type of game, which was used in almost all the games that I saw after it.

Released in the middle of 2001, the second version of the game has loyal and active players at the moment, and it has two more elaborate graphics and a more complicated learning curve than the first version.

The game runs on PCs, and receives periodic updates, but not as much as the first place on our list.

Also, Dota 2 is in the first place on the list of games that offer the best prizes in money and world competitions.

  1. Heroes of the Storm

Available for PCs, Heroes of the Storm is a game developed by Blizzard, and brings together various heroes from the Studio, such as Warcraft and Diablo.

When it comes to gameplay, the game is simpler and easier to understand than League of Legends, because it does not have money and stores.

In addition, another striking feature of the game is that the experiences received by two members are shared by all of the team. Therefore, for those who like to play focused on the team, this is a great attraction.

Unlike other labels in the category, Heroes of the Storm has its games divided into several maps and each with different activities and objectives.

  1. Smite

For those who are looking for a game that runs on various consoles, Smite is an excellent option, as it runs on both PCs, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The main theme of Smite revolves around various mythologies of the world. Ali, the characters are gods or creatures of Roman, Hindu and other mythology.

The game has more than one hundred characters, with different characteristics and skills, which contribute to the matches.

Very different from other MOBA games, it departs from standard concepts in many ways. The perspective is third person and skills need manual aiming.

For some players, this greatly hinders the player who needs to develop in the match, but it brings more action and adrenaline, as well as more personality to the game.

  1. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Just like the first game on our list, League of Legends is one of the biggest hits among MOBAs today, and its release was highly anticipated by fans.

In fact, it brings the entire LoL experience to PC. But in this version, developed for Android and iOS mobile devices, the player can experience some exclusives.

In addition to all graphics, elements, characters and items from the PC version, League of Legends: Wild Rift has a skin called Jinx Gloriosa, exclusive to the version.

In addition, the game has a Poro Coin system, which makes the characters have access to more cosmetics.

So, have you played one of the top 5 MOBA games today? Take advantage of our tips to get started in this captivating and addictive world. Start playing now and experience the adventures that this category can offer you!

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