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What does fs mean on Snapchat?

What does fs mean on Snapchat

“FS” on Snapchat might seem like a cryptic two-letter code, but fear not, fellow Snappers! Just like a chameleon, “FS” can change its meaning depending on the situation. Let’s peel back the layers and reveal the different faces of this versatile slang term.

1. For Sure, Dude!

The most common “FS” you’ll encounter simply means agreement. Think of it as a thumbs-up or a high five in text form. For example:

  • “That joke was hilarious ” “FS, I almost died laughing!”

2. Full Send Mode Activated! 

Sometimes, “FS” isn’t just agreement, it’s a declaration of commitment. It’s like saying, “I’m going all in, no regrets!” you and your friends are planning a crazy adventure. You could send:

  • “Let’s skydive in New Zealand! “FS! Buckle up, buttercup!”

3. Funny Business Alert! 

“FS” can also be used to playfully react to something funny. Think of it as a way to say, “That was good, I gotta give you that!” If your friend sends you a hilarious meme, you might reply:

  • “Did you see this one? ” “FS, I’m crying!”

4. Beyond the Basics: ️

While these are the main meanings of “FS”, there are a few other possibilities less commonly used:

  • Follow Story: This one’s pretty straightforward. If someone says “FS” in your story, they’re asking you to follow them back.
  • First Slide: This is rare, but sometimes “FS” can refer to the first slide of a Snapchat story.

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FS Like a Boss

Hold on, there’s more to this Snapchat slang than meets the eye! Using “FS” like a pro takes finesse, and knowing when and how to drop it can make you the king (or queen) of Snapchat conversations.

First things first: context is your BFF. The same “FS” can mean totally different things depending on the chat. Think of it like a chameleon changing colours.

  • Throw down an “FS” when your friend asks if you wanna grab pizza.
  • Hype squad activate! “FS” is your go-to when planning wild adventures with your crew. Think skydiving, bungee jumping, or any activity that screams “YOLO!” 

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