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Benefits Of Hair Serum Which Will Make Hair Smooth And Shiny

Benefits Of Hair Serum Which Will Make Hair Smooth And Shiny

In today’s time, different brands and different hair serums are available in the market, but still many people have a question whether they need hair serum and yes, why?

Why hair serum when we are using conditioner?

Is Hair Serum For The Scalp Or For The Strands? Is applying hair serum beneficial for hair?

Will my hair not be healthy if I don’t apply hair serum? Such questions are in the mind of many of you women, so today we will talk about every information related to hair serum. Its uses, benefits, and why you need it.

Hair serum is an oil based hair care product that is available in spray or liquid form. In the recent past, there has been a flood of hair serum brands in the market.

Everyone is buying and using them. Whether the product is organic or chemical based, hair serum is a part of everyone’s hair care routine.

Hair Serum is a silicone based product that forms a protection layer on the hair, which reduces the damage caused to the hair due to sunlight, pollution, dust and soil. It is used after shampooing the hair.

It gives protection and shine to your hair. If you are also thinking of buying it or have not yet made up your mind to buy and use it, then we help you. Let’s know the benefits of hair serum

Hair Serum makes hair shiny

Often we complain that our hair is becoming dry and dull and has lost its shine. If you have the same complaint then you should start using hair serum. Hair Serum makes hair shiny and radiant.

After applying hair serum, your hair shines when it reflects from sunlight or light.

Hair Serum Protects Hair

Every time you go out, you are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. You use sunscreen for skin but what about hair? Hair serum forms a layer of protection over your hair which protects the hair from pollution and sun damage.

Hair Serum protects hair from damage by heating tools

Even if you use styling tools like electric curlers and straighteners to create hairstyles, you should still apply hair serum before that. Hair Serum prepares your hair for styling.

Applying this does not damage the hair after heating and you can feel free to do styling.

Hair Serum Nourishes dry hair

After shampooing, the hair starts feeling dry due to the chemical, hair serum makes these dry hair silky and smooth.

When the hair becomes damaged and dry, it does not even feel like touching them. In such a situation, by applying hair serum, you can bring life back to your hair.

how to apply hair serum

So after knowing the benefits of hair serum, you must have decided to use it? If yes, then it is also important to know how to apply hair serum so that you can get its full benefits. It is applied like a hair cream.

However, you can also apply hair serum in different ways. Here we are telling you the common method.

After washing hair, apply hair serum on half dry – half wet hair. After shampooing, towel dry the hair. After some time, take a few drops of serum (according to the length of your hair) on the hand, spread it on the palm and with the help of palms apply the serum on the length of the hair.

Keep in mind that apply it evenly on the ends of the hair as well. Keep in mind that hair serum should not be applied to your scalp and should be applied only to the hair. Now your hair is ready for styling.

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