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Review Review: Is It Worth for content writers and bloggers? Review allows users with an easy-to-use online text-editing tool to edit simple text without any hurdle.

It works similar to the online Notepad and allows users to quickly create notes online.

In this article, we are going to review the detailed working procedure, features, pros, and cons of this Editpad online.

How does this online Editpad work?

To check the working this incredible online text editing utility, you either can create a new text note or can upload one from your system.

If you click on the Create New Text Note, the plain text editor will quickly appear on the screen that allows you to modify your text with several features.

Once you are done with the editing, further provides different useful tools that can help you in performing the below tasks:

  1. Checking the Plagiarism of the edited text
  2. Calculating the Word and Character Count of the modified text
  3. Paraphrasing the simple text within a single click

Important Features of this Free Online Notepad

·        Uploading Files

This feature help users to upload files in different file formats directly from the system.

These file formats are DOC, DOCX, PDF, and TXT (plain text files).

·        Plagiarism Detection

This amazing feature of this online text editor allows users to check the uniqueness of their written content within seconds.

It uses advanced Artificial technology, compares the input text with online resources to detect plagiarized text.

·        Paraphrase the Simple Text

If users want to remove plagiarism from their content, they can use Plagiarism Fixer.

It helps them to create unlimited unique content by using sentence and synonym changer techniques.

·       Download Edited Text

The download feature allows users to download the online-modified text report only in . TXT format.

·        Saved Notes

This option help users to save and access the edited text file in real-time.

·        No Installation

The best thing about this online editor is that doesn’t require any installation or signup process to edit plain text. It is easily accessible and free to use for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Using Editpad

Helps users to quickly write and edit simple textCan’t be accessible without having an internet connection
Students can use this utility to write assignments onlineComes with limited text-editing features
Bloggers can use this editor to write a blog without installing heavy Word software 
Writers can use this utility to take important notes online without accessing any software 
Help developers to work on the same file simultaneously working on multiple tasks without any hurdle 

Further, in this post, we are going to review some of its other useful tools that can help both writers and bloggers in different ways.

Plagiarism Checker by

The plagiarism-checking tool by this platform allows the blogger to check the uniqueness of their blog posts within seconds.

The checker uses top-notch AI technology and detects the copied content from the given text in no time.

To check the working of this checker, we have entered some random pieces of content in it and the results are:

It generates the percentage of unique and plagiarized content and also finds out the matched source of the duplicate content.

The amazing thing about this checker is that users from different countries can use this utility because it is available in more than one language.

Paraphrasing Tool by

When it comes to removing plagiarism, the paraphrasing tool by Editpad helps users to paraphrase the given content to make it unique and plagiarism-free.

The paraphraser uses the latest synonym changer technique and replaces specific words with their best suitable synonyms.

We have pasted some content in the tool to check that how quickly it can paraphrase it to make it unique and the results are:

It paraphrases and bolds the rephrased words from the given content to make it unique.

This utility allows users to copy the paraphrased text in real-time and also provides an option to download the report within a single click.

Just like the plagiarism checker, this online utility is also free and available in more than one language.

Rich Text Editor by

The rich text editor helps writers and bloggers to write edit their simple text in real-time.

It offers a simple interface and provides different unique features to edit plain text.

Now, there is no need to install software and programs to modify the content.

To use this free tool, all you need to do is to create a new text note or upload a text file from the local storage.

It works the same as the online notepad and helps you to modify regular text within a minute.

This rich text editor allows users to insert headings and gives an option to easily align the text as per requirement.

Furthermore, it helps users to make their text bold and clear in seconds.

Once done with editing, you can quickly download the PDF or DOCX file of the modified text with one click.

Grammar Checker by

If you want to get rid of manual proofreading content, then here comes the incredible grammar-checking tool by Editpad.

Students, writers, and webmasters mainly use this tool to check and fix basic writing errors.

You can either write or directly paste your content in the input box to check its grammatical errors.

It thoroughly proofreads the input content and highlights all the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in it.

This online grammar checker also provides the best solution to fix the error in no time.

Once done, you can copy the correct text and paste it wherever you want in real-time.

Text Summarizer by

If you wondering how to summarize your long text with no text, this text summarizing tool is the best option to go for.

It helps users to easily summarize their lengthy content into the shortened one with one click.

Users can either copy-paste your text in the tool or can directly upload a text file from the local storage.

To check its working, we have inserted some random pieces of text in the input box, it summarizes the given text and generates the below results:

It checks the input text and summarizes the main ideas or thoughts described in it.

The best thing about this tool is that it is available in multiple languages including English, Indonasian, and more.

Users can then copy the summarized text in real-time and can easily download the result report only in DOCX format with a single click.

Is it worth it for content writers and bloggers to use Editpad?

Yes, Editpad is quite worthy for both writers and bloggers. They can use this platform to create important notes and drafts online without any hassle.

As this platform also provides an amazing plagiarism-detecting tool, users can use it to check the originality of their content in no time.

On the other side, if they find any plagiarized text, they can easily rephrase it by using the sentence rephraser.

Once done with the paraphrasing, writers can use its grammar checker to make sure that the content they are going to use is error-free.

Furthermore, they can use its text summarizer to get the main idea of any content with one click.

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