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How Does Addiction Affect University Students?

How Does Addiction Affect University Students?

University can be a stressful environment for many young adults, which is why rates of rapid hyper-alcoholization and drug use have always been high on college campuses. Students therefore represent a population highly likely to develop alcohol and drug addiction problems.

If you live on campus, are a student-athlete, or are a member of a fraternity or sorority, you may be particularly concerned. Students should be aware of the warning signs of addiction. Their detection and the rapid implementation of treatments maximize the chances of a successful recovery in the long term.

The Signs

Here are warning signs that you may be suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction.

(1) You feel the need to consume it

You feel the urgent, and sometimes even uncontrollable, need to seek out and consume alcohol or drugs. You are bothered by intrusive thoughts about alcohol or drug use.

(2) You consume more and more

You consume it more and more often. You consume more of it every time. You feel the need to consume more each time to achieve the same effects: you develop a tolerance.

(3) You are unable to reduce (or stop) your consumption

You have tried to reduce the frequency or amount of drugs used, but you are unable to do so. You have tried to quit and experienced withdrawal symptoms.

(4) You have no more money

You spend all your money on alcohol or drugs. You no longer have enough money to eat healthily or to pay your rent.

(5) You don’t have time to do anything else

You spend all your time buying and consuming alcohol or drugs and recovering from them after using them. You no longer have time to do anything else and you have given up several activities that you enjoyed.

(6) You are experiencing academic difficulties

Your grades have been steadily declining since you started using alcohol or drugs. You fail one or more courses because of your alcohol or drug use.

(7) You do anything at work

You can no longer meet your responsibilities at work because of your alcohol or drug use. You fear losing your job, or you have already lost it.

(8) You lose friends and jeopardize your relationships

You lie or behave recklessly with friends and loved ones because of your alcohol or drug use. You lose friends, loved ones and jeopardize your relationships.

(9) You are arguing with your family

You lie, break promises, or behave recklessly towards your family because of your alcohol or drug use. You keep asking family members for money to buy drugs or alcohol, and lying to them when they ask you why you need it.

(10) You live dangerously

You are faced with dangerous situations because of your alcohol or drug use. You are endangering others because of your alcohol or drug use.

(11) You continue to consume it, even if it harms you

You notice the harmful effects of your consumption on your life, but you still keep going.You have experienced health problems related to your alcohol or drug use, but you continue to use them.

(12) You are in denial

You rationalize your alcohol or drug use and try to convince yourself that everything is normal. You notice signs that you have a problem, but find creative ways to ignore them.

It’s Time to Ask For Help

If you see several of these signs, then it’s probably time to seek help. If your problem is less serious, signing up for an external program might be enough to recover. If your problem is more severe, you may need to take an addiction treatment program. In both cases, you should seek help from a professional to help you assess your problem and offer you the necessary support. 

Get More Details

If you suffer from an addiction, right now is the perfect season to start recovering. By starting now, you’ll be able to recover in time for the start of the next semester! Click here to learn more. 

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