How To Know The Fps At Which Your Pc Games Run?

One of the things that most PC users care about when gaming is its performance. And it is that a good and fluid experience is important, but even more so when it comes to playing. 

This is not only achieved by optimizing the machine’s resources to the maximum but also when we make it work without stress. If this is your case, you can learn to know the FPS at which your PC games run.

The FPS, the obsession of many

Smartphone makers have realized that gaming doesn’t just require good hardware. Other equally interesting features are also needed to enjoy the full power of the titles.

Of course, this translates into the terminal being able to move each polygon without overheating and offering good quality.

And this is a chronic problem in the computer world; Those who already have experience with these machines are well aware of all that they can ask of their devices.

In the case of telephones, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each terminal in addition to other factors such as the refresh rate of the screen or the power of the Internet network.

All these variables influence the same key point: that in certain games, having a fluid image is the difference between victory and defeat.

As you have seen in the video, a fast frame rate is important in a game where the shot must be precise to know if you have hit the enemy or not. But this is just one of the many examples that we can give you.

In fact, there are those who already set the minimum at 60 FPS, which doubles the 30 that we have been used to for years. Certainly with double this capacity you have an even better experience, but 60 is a good minimum.

What does the FPS speed depend on?

Because FPS speed is critical, many computers have a dedicated graphics card. Depending on the power they offer more or fewer capacities. And they are crucial in determining said speed, but they are not the only thing that influences.

And it is that your Internet connection interferes with the quality of the game and its ability to send you all the data of everything that is happening on the screen. Although this is a matter of the network rather than the capacity of the machine, if you experience slowdowns it can be a significant problem.

If we stick to hardware, you’ll need a competent monitor. Having a powerful graphics card can be useless if the screen does not reach at least 60 Hz. Luckily, nowadays it is rare not to have a display with a more than acceptable refresh rate. In another order of things, curved monitors give a totally different feeling.

How to know the FPS at which your games run

At this point, we are going to see all the options you have to know the FPS at which your video games run. Some tools may already be on your computer, so you won’t need to consider downloading third-party apps unless you want to.

In fact, the first of all is the Windows 10 Game Bar. Every time you press the Windows+G button you will have the possibility to activate this function with which you can see all the parameters of your computer while a game is running. In the lower-left part, you will have the FPS section, which you can follow in real-time.

Another option is to download MSI Afterburner. It is the official software from the manufacturer MSI that is capable of taking the measurements of your computer even if you are playing. Within the preferences, you will have an option to see all the data on the screen in the monitoring section.

You can also use your graphics card’s dedicated software such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience. The company has done a very good job offering software that can be used to monitor the computer or record games with a simple click.

At Digiitallife we like the gaming experience to be very immersive. Of course the graphics matter, but it’s more important to preserve the power of the machine and keep everything moving smoothly.

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