How To Make $1500 A Month Renting Moving Boxes

If you think the side hustle market is getting saturated, think again! There will always be a need to innovate and find better ways to do things. One of them is replacing one-time use cardboard boxes with reusable plastic totes or containers. It has a relatively simple business model like any other rental model but practiced with a special focus on sustainability. With just 15-20 hours every week, you can earn up to $1,500 in profits monthly. Here’s how! 

A Sustainable Side Hustle with a Monthly Earning Potential of $1,500

The reusable moving box rental venture is far from a quick-rich scheme. It’s a thoughtful, sustainable business responding to the increasing demand for eco-friendly solutions in the moving sector. By offering reusable boxes, you cater to a market that prioritizes environmental responsibility and convenience. An average American moves 11 times in their lifestyle and most of them are within the same city, so if a customer likes your business and customer service, they are likely to be back for more. 

Unlike typical online businesses that demand constant digital presence, this one is built on automation and time management. 

Why Should I Start A Reusable Moving Box Rental Business?1. Eco-Friendly Impact

In the US, the moving industry is responsible for producing around 900 million cardboard boxes annually, contributing significantly to waste. By introducing reusable moving boxes, you’re not just starting a business; you’re advocating for and contributing to a more sustainable moving process. To make this business a success, you should also be a sustainability advocate otherwise you won’t feel the passion behind the idea. 

2. Impressive Profit Margins

With the potential to earn a minimum of $1,500 per month by dedicating just 15 hours each week, this side hustle is not only manageable but also profitable. Most of the tasks are automated through software and a WordPress website, so you can focus on customer service.

3. Growth and Diversification Prospects

As your business flourishes, there are numerous avenues for expansion. You can offer add-on services to include packing assistance, storage options, and other moving essentials. You can offer recycled packing materials and collaborate with moving companies to offer an end-to-end solution to frequent movers.

Unique ways to market your moving box rental business:

Like any other side hustle or business, a moving box rental business will need a website, social media channels, and a marketing plan to reach your target audience and raise awareness. Here are some unique marketing strategies that you can include in your plan and grow the business: 

1. Host Community Events

Organize local or virtual events like ‘Eco-Friendly Moving Workshops’ or ‘Packing Parties’ where you educate people about sustainable moving practices and talk about the convenience of using your rental boxes. This not only tells people that you are an environmentally-conscious brand but also community-focused. 

2. Collaborate with Home Organizers and Interior Designers

Partner with professional home organizers and interior designers as they work with people who are moving or renovating their homes and can recommend your boxes as an eco-friendly option. 

3. Create a Moving Box Subscription Service

Offer a subscription model for frequent movers, like corporate clients or students. You could provide a set number of boxes for each move, so your customers find it convenient and cost-effective in the long run. 

4. Utilize Influencer Marketing

If you have a local sustainability influencer, partner up with them. Together, you can create a series of blogs, photos, and videos that show how easy the boxes are to use and highlight durability, convenience, and eco-friendliness. Also talk about how you have a simple process where you deliver and pick-up the boxes and sanitize before sending them to another client. Offer a discount code through the influencer and reach a bigger audience. 

5. Implement a Sustainability Program

Launch a program where you plant a tree for every set of boxes rented or commit to carbon-neutral deliveries. The eco-friendly market is growing and customers would be happy to make the switch after knowing about the initiative. 

How do I get started?If you’re looking for guidance, Carrie Mifsud, an experienced business coach, offers an online course through Carrie’s Courses. The course, spanning 14 weeks, draws from Carrie’s own successful experiences in the rental industry since 2007. It covers a range of topics from crafting an effective WordPress website, implementing impactful marketing tactics, to inventory management and delivering exceptional customer service. By the end of the 14th week, your business would be ready to launch and generate revenue! 

With a track record of launching prosperous rental businesses since 2007, Carrie brings a wealth of real-world experience to this 14-week Moving Box Side Hustle course. To discover whether this course is the right fit for your entrepreneurial dream, schedule a Clarity Call with Carrie

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