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How To Rewrite Article To Avoid Plagiarism?

Despite your writing expertise, do you occasionally struggle to create truly original content? The reason for this is that it is impossible to consistently produce original content. After reading internet articles about a subject and conducting research on it repetitively, certain terms and expressions may get ingrained in your memory.

What is the Best Way to Avoid Plagiarizing Content?

It is crucial to produce engaging content that is adaptable. Whatever your profession is, whether you are a student or a professional blogger, you need to produce original material. Due to the overwhelming amount of blog posts and articles writers have to produce, they frequently miss deadlines.

Writers might make use of the following advice when manually revising the content:

  • Avoid beginning the article with the same idea. Rewriting a topic should instead begin with a distinctive angle.
  • Dividing long sentences into short sentences will help.
  • You can change the tone of the original content from active to passive or passive to active but keep the quality intact.
  • For manually editing your article, you can paraphrase the original content by replacing some words with synonyms. 

Rewriting an article involves presenting content in a fresh, original way. Rewriting is the process of changing the text by adding or removing specific words, phrases, or sentences. Since manually editing content requires a lot of time and effort, here comes an article rewriting tool to present you with the fastest and high-quality content possible, and that too without even a speck of plagiarism detected.

Therefore, if you have to maintain a digital marketing website or an affiliate marketing money-earning blog, an article rewriting tool is the best possible solution out there for you. The article rewriting tool will spin the words of your copied text and paraphrase it word-by-word to avoid plagiarism.

How Paraphrasing Tool Quillbot, Can Speed Up the Process?

For your website to rank higher in search engine results, you as an SEO content writer or web blogger should continuously strive to provide remarkable material. Therefore, using QuillBot article rewriter may be your best alternative. We have talked about the greatest article rewriting tool that not only rewrites in a few minutes but also strips out copied text.

It is available to everyone at no charge. Once the material has been rewritten, you can verify it for plagiarism with any other outstanding plagiarism detection software to see how well the article rewriter performed.

  • Your text would be examined by QuillBot’s article rewriter, who would try to replace every word with a synonym.
  • It also modifies the sentence structure, making it easier to write information that is distinctive while yet expressing the same idea.
  • The ideal route to take if you have some material but lack writing experience is to use QuillBot’s article rewriter.
  • While it generally does its job rather effectively, it can have a significant impact on the caliber of your content. So, proofreading is essential.
  • You can get original, plagiarism-free articles with QuillBot’s rewriting tool.

Everything You Need to Know About QuillBot

Using a computer algorithm to automatically rewrite the content is known as rewriting an article. There are several tools available on the web that are only used for this. Only a few offer sophisticated capabilities without a premium subscription, while others do not.

One of two methods can be utilized with these tools. You only need to feed the tool the source content, and it will rewrite a few words by substituting synonyms to produce technically new content. Nevertheless, take into consideration that the final work does not benefit from these tools in any way.

Possible Disadvantages Due to QuillBot

There is a huge drawback to using content rewriting technologies. The vast majority of the time, the outputs produced by these algorithms almost invariably have strange phrase constructions, poor syntax, and punctuation errors that make the text unintelligible to users.

These resources are widely used by amateur bloggers. You may have previously encountered websites using this strategy; it is soon apparent that the material is pointless. The major drawback of employing these tools is the possibility that Google will rapidly identify fake content and eliminate it from the search rankings.

It is not worthwhile to take this chance. With its limitless computing power and state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, Google can readily discriminate between these twisted and fabricated articles and other sites.

Positive Impact of QuillBot

A lot of bloggers use tools other than article rewriters. To fix any faults and optimize the impact of such technologies, they instead use the rewriting tool to initially revise the content before adding their creative input. After the text has been generated by the content-spinning technology, it is manually edited and revised to give it a more human feel.

To guarantee that readers in the target market can understand the text, this technique gets rid of errors and neutralizes the phony sentence structure and punctuation problems connected with article spinners. Google has a far harder time detecting computer-generated content of this kind than even people do.

Google regularly penalizes this kind of content if it is found, even though it rarely does well in searches. The major lesson you should take away from this is that it is not a good idea to use content rewriting technology. Professional bloggers with long-term objectives wouldn’t even think of using this strategy.


A simple and effective part of your content management approach might be rewriting articles without plagiarizing them. The best results are obtained by expert bloggers who combine several articles to create a larger, more comprehensive blog post that appeals to the google search engine results.

Each day, millions of content creators and copywriters apply the core approach of rewriting. Nobody will be able to detect whether your content is a modified version of another source if it is written properly.

As a writer, you are aware of the value of rewriting tools under tight deadline situations. Even with technological developments, paraphrasing tools and content rewriter tools still contain a few errors that can be fixed by proofreading an article, so you should not rely only on them.

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