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Is Glock 19 Better Than Glock 17?

If you’re looking for a new gun, you might wonder whether the Glock 19 is better than the Glock 17. The answer to that question depends on several factors. These include the price, the slide length, the barrel length, and the recoil. It would help to consider each element when deciding, so you’ll know exactly what to buy.

Barrel Length

The Glock 19 is a popular concealed carry pistol, although it isn’t a full-size pistol. It is a mid-size pistol with just over four inches of barrel length. Despite its small size, it is still a powerful firearm. Compared to its full-size counterpart, the Glock 19 is much easier to shoot.

The Glock 19 can hold 15 rounds of 9mm capacity. Later models offer additional capacity through the addition of more prominent magazines. For instance, a Glock 17 has a 17-round magazine, and a Glock 19 has a 15-round magazine.

In terms of weight, the Glock 19 weighs just over 30 ounces when loaded with fifteen rounds. It’s lighter than the Glock 17 or the Glock 48, but it is an excellent gun for concealed carry. If you’re carrying a Glock 19, choose one with a good grip. Having a weapon with a short grip can make shooting difficult.

Slide Length

Glock 19 and Glock 17 have different slides. One has a 6.85-inch length, and the other has a 4.02-inch size. But they are both capable of holding 15+1 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

They also have a few other differences. Specifically, the Glock 19 has a non-polygonal rifled barrel, which isn’t the same as the traditional barrel lands you find on most other handguns. There are also differences in the grip and slide fitting. Whether you want an extra Glock slide or are putting together a glock 19 custom slide has everything you could need

The Glock 19 comes with a ramped striker safety plunger, an improvement over the leaf spring that came standard on the original Glock. In addition, the Gen 5 model features a Glock Marksman barrel.

The Glock 19 is also less bulky. It’s a bit lighter when loaded, which helps in minimizing recoil. Plus, the barrel is shorter for more straightforward holster clearance. However, it’s less compact than the Glock 17.

While the Glock 19 and Glock 17 have excellent performance, they differ in several key areas. Some of these include the overall size, the grip, the sight radius, and the slide.

Accuracy Advantage

The Glock 19 and the Glock 17 are two of the most popular handguns in the world. Both are highly accurate and very easy to use. They are also both excellent choices for concealed carry. However, to decide which pistol is right for you, you need to compare them.

The Glock 19 is an excellent choice for concealed carry. It is lightweight and covers well. While it is slightly larger than the Glock 17, it is a little smaller to fit most people’s pockets.

One of the best things about the Glock 19 is its balance. This is especially helpful when you’re using it to execute precision manipulations. Various accessories are available to make the Glock 19 more comfortable.


If you’re in the market for a new pistol, you’ll probably wonder if a Glock 19 is better than a Glock 17. Both of these guns offer similar features, but some subtle differences exist. These differences will help you choose the one that’s right for you.

The most significant difference between a Glock 17 and a Glock 19 is size. While both are well-built, the Glock 19 is half an inch shorter. This makes it easy to conceal, especially if you carry it for self-defense.

Another notable feature of the Glock 19 is its grip. The 19 is a striker-fired pistol, meaning its trigger isn’t a slam-dunk, but it does work. Its short reset and positive muzzle cocking mechanism make it easy to fire, and its lightweight design is a plus.


The Glock 19 is a popular handgun in the United States. It is considered the best concealed carry firearm in the market today. Various government and law enforcement agencies around the world use this gun.

This compact firearm is made of a durable polymer frame. It also has several safety features, including a Safe Action trigger system. When the trigger finger is fully depressed, the drop safety is activated.

This pistol comes with an above-average 15-round magazine capacity. To ensure that the gun is more comfortable for all users, Glock included fully ambidextrous controls.

Compared to other guns, the GLOCK 19 has a low recoil. This lets you have more time to shoot without tiring.

Glock has also designed this gun with law enforcement officials in mind. It has three internal safeties. In addition, it has a short barrel length.

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