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Is it safe to vape HHC?

Is it safe to vape HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, is a naturally hydrogenated THC in many cannabis strains. When chemically hydrogenated from THC, HHC is also called semi-synthetic. It is estimated to be 70-80 percent potent as THC, making it more powerful than delta-8 and delta-10. HHC produces a euphoric high comparable to THC but with more calming and tranquil properties similar to delta-8. You can get an HHC vape online.

The legality of HHC in the United States is debatable, and its safety is unclear. However, in the United States, a few CBD firms are presently making and marketing HHC products.

Is HHC a natural substance or a manufactured one?

HHC is both a natural and semi-synthetic cannabinoid. CBN is a cannabinoid found in mature marijuana. HHC is found in modest amounts in cannabis naturally. When THC oxidizes into CBN over time, tiny quantities of HHC occur alongside delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC. They hydrogenate THC. However, since the natural concentration of HHC in cannabis is low, it is not economically viable to generate HHC products from it. So, what are they going to do instead? The conversion of THC to HHC is a straightforward procedure. THC is chemically saturated with hydrogen particles, then exposed to a nickel or zinc catalyst, converting to HHC. HHC becomes more stable than THC due to the addition of hydrogen, with more incredible heat and UV resistance.

HHC is semi-synthetic since hydrogenation employs a chemical to change THC’s inherent molecular weight and shape.

Is there a high from HHC, and if so, how powerful are the effects?

Yes, HHC produces a high comparable to THC, but with delta-8’s soothing and sedative properties (and perhaps delta-10). The amount of carbons on an HHC high’s alkyl side chain makes it comparable to THC and delta-8. Because all three cannabinoids have five-carbon side chains, they attach to your cannabinoid receptors quite well.

Euphoria, visual distortions, cognitive impairment, and bodily feelings are likely to occur at low to moderate dosages of HHC. It is uncertain if these effects are overpowering. However, since HHC is around 70-80% as vital as THC, we feel that excessive dosages might create a powerful and occasionally unpleasant euphoric high.

What are the advantages of using HHC?

HHC’s advantages are primarily unknown. Although early preclinical studies on animal test subjects show HHC has pain-relieving and anti-cancer capabilities, little study exists to determine how it can assist people.

Putting scientific study aside, owing to their chemical similarities and affinity for your cannabinoid receptors, we may say that the advantages of HHC are much the same as those of THC. These advantages might include:

  • Stimulation of appetite
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain/Inflammation


The molecular structures of HHC and THC are almost similar. The main distinctions are that HHC contains two more hydrogenated carbons, while THC lacks an ester atom and a carbon bond. Because of these structural modifications, HHC is a significantly more stable molecule than THC, with more excellent heat and UV resistance. HHC goods, as a consequence, have a longer shelf life.

What is the difference between HHC and CBN?

Despite being the product of THC breakdown and decomposition, HHC and CBN oppose cannabinoids. HHC is THC with hydrogen atoms replacing the double bonds, while CBN has double bonds on its chemical structure. HHC binds stronger to CB1 receptors, resulting in a powerful euphoric high. CBN binds to CB1 receptors with a significantly lower affinity and produces minimal intoxication.

Is HHC visible in drug tests?

It is challenging to assert whether it would reflect on drug tests. THC-COOH is a primary THC metabolite generated in your body following THC ingestion. Drug tests are necessary to catch THC-COOH. HHC transforms into 8beta-hydroxy-HHC and 8alpha-hydroxy-HHC, which are both analogous to THC-COOH. This analysis stems from early investigations on animals.

Is it possible to identify HHC metabolites via drug testing because of this similarity? The researchers are undecided. There have been no further investigations to indicate that HHC metabolites show up on drug screens or are liable for erroneous-positive outcomes.

There is also the problem of residual or remaining THC in these products following chemical hydrogenation. You might fail a drug test if the amount of residual THC in your urine is high enough to produce more than 50 nanograms per milliliter of THC-COOH following metabolization.

Experts suggest avoiding HHC and its products if you have a pending drug test to be safe.

Is it safe to use HHC? HHC’s safety is uncertain, and there is presently no study on its safety profile. There have been no instances of HHC or its products causing side effects, overdosing, or death.

HHC’s side effects

The short and long-term adverse effects of HHC are, once again, largely unknown. So far, no severe or life-threatening adverse effects have come up due to utilizing HHC or its products.

However, since HHC’s effects are comparable to THC’s, we expect side effects to be similar. The following are possible HHC side effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Insomnia and sleep disruptions
  • Low Blood pressure
  • A heart rate that is quite fast
  • Appetite increase
  • Eyes that are bright red
  • Mouth is parched
  • Nausea

Is it legal to purchase HHC online?

Under the Agriculture Improvement Act, natural HHC found in hemp with less than 0.3 percent THC is lawful in the United States (2018 Farm Bill). The AIA (Agriculture Improvement Act) made hemp and hemp-derived substances legal.

HHC transformed by chemical hydrogenation (THC) might be a synthetically produced drug. This factor is due to the Federal Analog Act (FAA), 21 USC 813. However, it will not fall under the classification as per the United States Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

If converted HHC is classified as synthetically generated at the federal level now or in the future, it might be unlawful to use, possess, sell, distribute, or manufacture HHC products. Experts advise care while searching for HHC vapes, oils, or comparable items since most (if not all) HHC products are from HHC originating from THC. HHC is your best chance to seek an internet retailer. There are relatively few HHC goods available in retail establishments throughout the state.

What stores sell HHC products?

HHC items are hard to come by. In the United States, just a few businesses manufacture and distribute HHC goods. Semi-synthetic products are not inherently hazardous, but the technique brands could be. Because of inferior manufacturing or procedures, your selected HHC output may retain additional pollutants or contaminants. Experts promote buying from reputable HHC sellers who have their goods third-party verified.


HHC seems promising, but its safety has yet to be determined. All HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) products originate from chemically hydrogenated semi-synthetic HHC. As a result, HHC vapes will not hurt you. However, visit your doctor if you detect anything other than the intended psychoactive impact after taking it.

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