Practical Tips to Maximize Savings While on a Cruise

When planning a family vacation, many families try to plan their trips during school sessions, like summer vacation and Christmas. Other popular times to take a cruise are the first two weeks of December, after Thanksgiving, and spring break. You can also find Alaska Vacation Packages during off-seasons, so you might as well check what they offer.

Avoid Spending Excessive Amounts of Money

You will no doubt spend money on entertainment, drinks, and other options during a cruise. However, you should spend your money wisely and avoid paying more than you can afford. You can spend money on the best cruise deals or save it for extraordinary expenses like shore excursions.

Another great option to have rejuvenating and relaxing time is to book luxury villas at a beach and enjoy your time there.

DIY Sightseeing

One way to save money while sightseeing on a cruise ship is to do as much sightseeing as possible. While organized tours and excursions can be expensive, you can also save money by walking around ports instead. During port visits, you might want to make your plans. First, you can check online tourism boards for festivals and events to see what’s happening. This is especially useful if you plan to visit a place multiple times in one day. If you’re unsure, consider joining a tour group. While several tour operators are onboard, remember that most of them are sponsored by third parties. Also, research the different ports beforehand to determine what you want to see. Once you’ve decided where to go, consider sharing a taxi or public transportation. If you’re comfortable walking, you can easily explore.

Plan a Cruise Vacation During Off-season

While you can still find deals during peak season, you can also save money by planning your vacation during the off-season. Cruise lines often offer significant discounts on rooms during this time of the year because they are not returning to the same ports. You can also find deals on the first night of your cruise when kids are allowed to dine for free. You can even get special discounts on spa treatments if you visit during port days. I have a mother-in-law who waits for these deals to book a massage.

The most popular time to go on a cruise is in May and August. While these months are usually crowded and expensive, the temperatures can be much lower, and the cruise line can offer some great perks. You can even take advantage of the “wave season” from January to March. 

Eat in the Main Dining Room

You can save money by eating in the main dining room on cruise ships. The food is much better in this area, and there are often fewer people. In addition, the service is better, and you’ll save money on tipping. The dining room hours are flexible, and you can go whenever you want. It’s usually open from 5:30 to 10 pm, but you can also go at any time.

Most items on the main dining room’s menu are included, but there are always optional extras. For example, high-end steaks and lobster may be extra-cost. You can also ask for a menu of all available desserts to save money. Most menus are set up for starters, main courses, and desserts. Choose meals in the main dining room instead of eating in specialty restaurants for optimum savings.

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