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Redcoat and Junkyard Joe Comics Relatable

Redcoat and Junkyard Joe Comics Relatable

Everyone identifies with tragedy. The pain of losing a loved one or experiencing a private disaster feels like the end of the world. And while people hate going through pain and loss, it helps to watch shows or read stories of ordinary characters rising above horrific circumstances and making their worlds a better place.

Image Comic’s Geiger

Hence the popularity of comic series such as Geiger written by Geoff Johns. It’s a visually stunning and well-written story of an ordinary family man sacrificing all for the sake of protecting his family.

Ordinary heroes in devastating circumstances are tremendously comforting. It’s nice to think of rising above the carnal and achieving the magnificent, to save lives and defeat bad guys especially if it seems impossible in real life.

Image Comic’s The Redcoat

It’s during times when circumstances are at their worst that the most unlikely of heroes arise. A group of men and women known as the Unnamed band together to fight the Unknown War which has already caused untold devastation on earth. One of these Unnamed is The Redcoat.

The Redcoat is a British assassin who mysteriously survives the American Revolution and then lives on for more than three centuries to fight the Great Evil in the Unknown war. While his story still isn’t known, readers can be sure that he’ll be a relatably flawed human being with his own inner conflicts and struggles who will rise above it all to defeat villains.

Image Comic’s Junkyard Joe

Another up-and-coming hero in the Geiger Universe is Morris “Muddy” Davis, an aspiring comic creator who encounters a mechanical soldier during the Vietnam War. Convinced by his superiors that the robot soldier wasn’t real, Davis goes on and creates a popular comic strip called Junkyard Joe.

The Junkyard Joe comic strip parodies the politics and erroneous thinking of those in the military who expect ordinary men and women who serve to act and think like the robots they will never be.

One can only imagine how Davis will react if he meets that mechanical soldier once more. Will the soldier think of Davis as his creator? How are Davis and Junkyard Joe going to team up with the Unnamed to battle the Great Evil?

These struggles of ordinary men and women are what viewers love about comics like The Redcoat and Junkyard Joe. However these stories end, they’re bound to provide entertainment for all.

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