Tax Advisor Secrets: Insider Strategies for Small Business Owners

Your tax advisor is like the superhero of your financial plans. They ensure your returns are filed correctly and provide peace of mind throughout the year.

Taxes aren’t something to take lightly, and business owners always look for ways to minimize their tax burden. Here are some secrets the best tax professionals know to keep their clients happy: 

Know Your Clients

Small business owners need tax professionals like Wichita Tax Advisors Wichita CPA to help them choose the best structure, maximize deductions, and keep accurate records. The right professionals can also guide them through year-end planning and help them save thousands of dollars in taxes by making smarter choices about their business operations, such as switching to cash-basis accounting or avoiding taxable events like bundling medical expenses into one year.

As the business owner searches for a tax preparer, they must consider their professional certifications and credentials, experience working with businesses in your industry, and client references. Determining whether they offer other services, such as bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll, is also a good idea. These additional services can be a great way to build your customer base, increase revenue, and ensure your business is profitable year-round. They can also reduce your stress come filing time by reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes like commingling personal and business expenses or not keeping up with changes to tax laws.

Promote Your Services Online

If you are a business tax professional looking to attract more clients, consider creating a website with content highlighting your expertise. For example, you could publish blogs highlighting how small businesses can save taxes by taking advantage of legitimate deductions. You can also include a contact form on your site to allow potential clients to ask questions.

Choosing the right tax professionals is crucial if you’re a small business owner. But don’t limit yourself to finding a tax expert at tax time—business (and life) happens all year long. A thorough business strategy—including employee screening can help ensure your company is profitable all year. This includes running background checks and identity verification on new hires to reduce fraud. Learn how to run these background checks and more with a FREE trial of our software.

Use Social Media to Market Your Firm

There’s nothing small business owners want more than tax savings, but few professional services firms explicitly present themselves as in the business of reducing their clients’ taxes. This leaves a huge gap in the market that you can fill. Promote your tax planning and filing services online, via social media, and through local business organizations. 

Offer Free Consultations

Small business owners and the self-employed often seek ways to minimize their company’s tax liability. This may involve maximizing business deductions, taking advantage of tax-friendly pass-through provisions, or even setting up retirement plans for their employees.

A good tax advisor can help you navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local laws. Choosing the right one can save you thousands in taxes and fees.

If you’re looking for a great tax advisor, consider one that offers free consultations and other special benefits to their clients. This includes access to expert advice, unlimited file reviews, and a 100% accurate guarantee.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to pay less in taxes, check out this video course. It covers little-known secrets that will allow you to save tens of thousands in taxes annually simply by using legitimate small business tax deductions more effectively. You’ll learn how to structure your business, choose the right tax deductions, create new deductions, and recycle deductions.

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