The Artistry of Custom Colors and Textures in Architectural Precast Stone Panels

Architectural precast stone has changed since its traditional limitations because of companies like New Cast Stone’s innovative lightweight cast stone. New Cast Stone offers beautiful options of custom colors and handcrafted textures that give architects and designers endless options for elegant projects.

With the combination of architectural precast stone and new technology, spaces, and projects can ascend their potential and give clients exactly what they want. New Cast has both tradition and creativity with its custom colors and handcrafted textures.

Custom Color Palette

One of the most important details in the design process when it comes to architectural precast stone is choosing the final color selection, which can sometimes break or make the artistry of the project. New Cast Stone understands this and goes beyond other cast stone suppliers by offering physical samples when choosing the final color selection because depending on your texture selection can affect the result of the color. This approach allows professionals to see the subtle differences that can be lost online.

Using lightweight limestone in their production process can be beneficial because of its impact on the environment and cost-effectiveness. The natural material has small color differences in certain spots, making each panel unique. These extricated details can turn a basic project into art that adds elegance to architectural precast stone.

It is a very niche thought that texture can affect the final color in the decision process. The Honed finish is ground with abrasives to achieve a matte finish. The Stone finish is a natural textured surface that uses bush hammering and sandblasting. These techniques give the cast stone panel a better appearance and lighten the color. Both finishes give the panels an elegant touch to the design with depth and dimension.

Handcrafted Textures

New Cast Stone sets itself apart by offering two distinct handcrafted textures: Honed Finish and Stone Finish. The Honed Finish boasts a smooth and consistent surface achieved through abrasive grinding to a matte finish. This contemporary and elegant aesthetic suits a variety of modern designs.

New Cast Stone offers two different finishes, as mentioned previously: Stone and Honed Finish. The Honed finish has a smooth and consistent feel that is modern and elegant, while the Stone finish is more natural, highlighting the stone’s color variations.

For the Stone finish, there are two techniques to achieve its look: Sandblasting and bush hammering. Sandblasting is smoothing and cleaning a tough surface by forcing the solid particles across the surface quickly using compressed air.

It might seem like a minute detail when deciding between the two finishes, but choosing between the Honed and Stone finishes is a question of what kind of aesthetic you want for your project. If you are looking for a modern and sleek look, the Honed Finish is best for spaces that need that touch. If you want something more natural and texturized, then the Stone Finish is what you are looking for. That is what New Cast Stone does: offers you versatile options and empowers architects to not settle for less when it comes to what they want.

Advantages and Applications

Not only do the custom colors and handcrafted textures New Cast Stone offers give designs unique pros beyond just the aesthetic. These choices work nicely with different architectural designs, allowing designers to create functional and beautiful spaces. These options can work in spaces like hotels, educational complexes, and sports stadiums like New Cast Stone did for the Major League Soccer Club Real Salt Lake’s Rio Tinto Stadium, showing their range with their elegant products.

Sustainability and Environmental Considerations

Lightweight limestone has visual and functional appeal and is a better material for the planet. Lightweight limestone reduces the amount of material needed for production and transportation costs because of its lightweight properties. When choosing lightweight limestone, you are making a choice that is better for your project and the environment.


New Cast Stone offers various custom colors and handcrafted textures and shows that the world of architectural precast stone is ever-changing and provides endless design opportunities. New Cast Stone values traditions and creativity, and combining the two creates a material and process for architects and designers in Utah.

New Cast Stone’s recommendation to make choices based on physical samples shows the commitment to the design process, allowing architects and designers to appreciate the small things and differences that play a part in the uniqueness of the panel. The integration of natural lightweight limestone creates an element of unpredictability, turning architectural precast stone into not just a building material but an individualized project.

In the changing architectural precast stone, the custom colors and handcrafted textures from New Cast Stone go beyond what is expected in terms of conventional expectations. It allows architects and designers to be creative, where each panel is not just a part of a building or structure but a space waiting to be painted with strokes of elegance.

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