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The Basics of Marine Construction

When it comes to marine construction, several things need to be considered. These include foundations, weatherproofing, roofing, and maintenance schedules.

All marine structures must be designed appropriately, from docks to boats, piers and wharves. These structures can cause severe accidents if they are not built correctly.


Docks and piers are structures that help bring ships and boats to shore. They’re also used for repairing and cargo unloading.

They’re often called docks but can be any structure meant to dock boats and ships. Smaller docks might be a wooden plank that juts out into the water, while larger ones might have gates enclosing areas of water where boats can be repaired and cargo unloaded.

American English uses the word dock to refer to any structure that extends into the water from shore, but in British English, a dock is a narrow, human-made structure that extends out into the water.

Conversely, a pier is a raised structure that juts out into the water from shore. It’s less elaborate than a dock but has similar functions.


If you’re interested in building a dock or boathouse, it’s essential to understand the basics of marine construction. These structures can be costly and must withstand nature’s elements and forces for long periods.

The first step is to determine what type of boathouse you need. There are many different types of boathouses, each designed for a specific purpose.

Boathouses are often made of wood or steel but can also be built from concrete, stone, and other materials. These structures can store everything from small motorboats to large naval ships.

In addition to protecting your boat, a boathouse can make your property more appealing to potential buyers and help you save money on maintenance costs. If you’re considering building a boathouse for your property, contact experts like Florida marine construction to discuss options. These experts can customize your boathouse to meet all of your needs.


Many different types of ships, boats and other structures are used in marine construction. They all have different purposes and serve different needs.

The primary function of a ship is to move across water and carry cargo or people. Thousands of boats are in use worldwide today, supporting commerce and trade.

Shipping is a significant source of income for most countries. Thousands of tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and passenger’s vessels exist.

These ships are built to transport liquid goods, such as oil, gas and chemicals. They are further divided into different types based on the cargo carried.

These are also known as ‘roll-on/roll-off ships. They carry wheeled cargo, such as buses, trucks and construction equipment. These vessels are usually designed with ramps and platforms where the vehicles can roll on and off them and with doors at the bow or stern of the vessel.

Other Structures

Marine construction is nearly as diverse as land-based construction, with various structures used for multiple purposes. These include docks, boathouses, and ships.

The main functions of these types of structures are to facilitate shipping and passenger transportation and to provide a safe place for ships to moor. These facilities are typically constructed to the shore or parallel to the shore-based on their application.

A jetty is a type of waterfront coastal protection structure that extends into the water and is intended to influence waves, currents, or sedimentation. Jetties are usually built at river mouths or other coastal entrances and serve as berthing facilities for ships.

These structures are designed to withstand the impact of sea waves, service loads, and shiploads. Moreover, they must be able to resist berthing loads and operational loads. Besides, they are exposed to a corrosive environment that can degrade the reinforcing steel.

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