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The Top 7 Benefits of Virtualization in 2022

Virtualization has led to an end-to-end deployment and management of virtual machines created and hosted on a third-party provider’s cloud server.
A virtual machine is an alternative to an on-premises VDI setup involving local desktops. The future of virtualization has dawned on every sector, which is why businesses have been busy making the most of this technology.

So, what are the benefits of virtualization in 2022? Read on to learn more.

Cost Reduction

Purchasing high-end desktops in an office environment remains the conventional way of business. The traditional office infrastructure requires backup servers, LAN, air conditioning, and a team of IT experts. The VDI costs incurred in setting up this environment are referred to as the business CAPEX (or capital expenditure).

On the other hand, Opex (or operational expenditure) is the cost of maintaining or upkeeping the said infrastructure.  As a result, the typical cost of doing business is likely to be relatively high.

When you adopt virtualization, your capita expenses disappear, while IT overhead costs become negligible. This is because, in addition to deploying and managing virtual desktops, the provider also maintains the underlying VDI infrastructure.

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Anytime-Anywhere Access

When the possibilities of working remotely and hybrid are added to the mix, the capabilities of the existing workforce can be multiplied.

Working at home, with loved ones around, and at one’s leisure can perk up productivity rates significantly. It, therefore, comes down to successfully implementing a flexible working model to make the most of these productive circumstances.

Smooth operations and easier access are the essential motivation for employees to give their best when working away from the office. Virtualization implies that your workspace is located just a few clicks away, whether in or out of the office. You can now carry your work everywhere and always.

Get down to business by logging in from any device connected to the internet using your credentials.


Data breaches and online threats are the biggest nightmares for any business.  Securing data with the most advanced and cutting-edge safety features is critical for businesses handling raw and sensitive data.

With the rise in complex cyber intrusions, local systems involving physical desktops require constant monitoring and redundant infrastructure that can draw up massive expenses. Virtual desktops , as part of virtualization, come with a multi-layered security protocol that safeguards data from various malicious intrusions. Data centres are armed with physical security and 24*7 surveillance to prevent unauthorized access.

Even breaches originating at endpoints such as your personal devices cannot affect your data as it remains securely stored on the cloud.

Optimized Performance

Data recovery is easy with a backup of up to 30 days at no additional charges. Additionally, VDI providers such as ACE guarantee up time of 99.99% in their SLA – the highest in the market – to ensure uninterrupted working.

Flexible Pricing

Most providers offer flexible, custom-made pricing plans that work with the unique needs of every business. The pay-as-you-go model ensures you only pay for what you use.

Enhanced Productivity

Cloud Desktop Desktops, which are made possible by the technology of application virtualization, support all associated devices such as printers, scanners, and even other desktops, so your productivity is boosted by an ever-expanding workspace.  These promote multi-user collaboration that responds to your need to address clients and connect with co-workers all at once.

Virtualization deploys ultrahigh-performance cloud servers, so virtual desktops can breeze through as many applications as you throw at them.

Graphics Intensive Capabilities

Graphics-intensive applications can also be virtualized.Virtual Desktops from ACE are perfectly capable of running graphic-intensive applications without lag.

 Virtualization is not just here to stay.

The market for Virtualization technology is set to expand more in the coming years.

With 14+ years of experience in cloud services, Ace Cloud Hosting offers ground-breaking virtualization services to benefit businesses of all sizes and sectors. Visit our website to know more.

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