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Tips to Escalate User Engagement through Video

Tips to Escalate User Engagement through Video

Successful customer interaction is the key driver towards attracting new customers and maintaining customer retention. Videos have recently developed as one of the most popular methods to connect and engage an audience, specifically online.

It’s critical to understand not just how and where people interact with videos, but also how to generate video content that actually engages consumers and separates one out from the crowd when using videos for marketing.

Let’s look at a few techniques that may help you increase customer engagement via video content:

1. Use storytelling to make connections

Storytelling is a potent marketing tactic as well as a form of entertainment that has stood the test of time. While narrative may not be overt in many of the finest videos, the essential aspects of storytelling are still there.

This involves generating people and important events that build a story that your primary audience will recognise. When writing a tale for your marketing video, you would like to take your main character on a tour that is both relatable and exciting. Begin by learning about the culture and values of the target audience. Recognize their most important goals, beliefs, anxieties, worries, and obstacles. Considering these characteristics will assist you in creating relatable characters for your videos. Good video storytelling taps into peoples concerns and offers a gratifying answer. It should elicit even more emotion.

Plot, purpose, people, setting, audience, and a good video editor like Kizoa are all things to think about while making a storytelling-style film.

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2. Onboard and educate new users

Customer engagement entails more than simply persuading them to purchase something. Your consumers are often seeking for video material to assist them in getting the most out of a latest purchase.

Explainer films are one approach to educate new users, and they can help both leads who haven’t converted and existing customers. Explainer films assist consumers in visualising a product that may seem newfangled or unusual while being quick enough to avoid feeling like an in-depth session. Video editing tool, such as Kizoa, often provides material libraries to assist clients in creating explainer videos using its features in various ways. Furthermore, by simplifying complicated topics and emphasising your product’s distinctive qualities, these films increase engagement. Making a succession of short animated films that complement each other is quite effective. Websites, social networking, and press releases may all benefit from short animated films. This is how great brands stand out, attract attention, and generate leads and ROI.

3. Create a mobile-friendly message

Make your movie mobile-friendly if you want to increase client interaction. Today, mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets account for over half of all internet activity.

You don’t want to alienate your visitors by making a video that looks great on desktop but seems a little strange on mobile. For example, ensuring that your movie can be seen in portrait mode saves the viewer the trouble of having to flip their phone sideways.

Other ways to enhance video for mobile include utilising a video editor like Kizoa to optimise videos for various mobile applications, ensuring a responsive design, delivering quick loading times, and keeping movies brief and to the point. Modern attention spans are short, so you need to get right to the point.

It’s also a good idea to provide understandable captions or subtitles so that people can understand the main points even if they can’t hear (for example, if they’re out in public without headphones). This has the added benefit of ensuring accessible for a larger population (such as the hard-of-hearing audience).

4. Make a strong call to action

A call to action (CTA) is required if you want your video to be seen (call to action). You want consumers to feel like they’re a member of your brand family, and one way to achieve so is to encourage them to take action.

What is the video’s ultimate goal? You may want the client to:

  • Purchase your item or service
  • Find your website
  • Subscribe to your YouTube channel
  • Comment or like the video

Make it obvious what your preferred CTA is. Include the information (such as links) that readers will need to take the action you want them to take. If you want users to share the video, for example, include easy-to-find sharing options for various social networking networks.

5. Write an engaging introduction

People want to see the person behind the brand, so having an introduction video can help them remember you.

You may make an introduction video from scratch or utilise templates from one of Kizoa’s various online video production tools.

You should begin your video presentation by introducing yourself. Include some information about yourself, such as your hobbies, prior experiences, or who you are as a person. Discuss your own interests and how they relate to your career and experience. Tell your audience why your company exists, what it is all about, what it offers, what its specialties are, and how big it is.

6. Examine the duration of the video

Though there is no hard and fast rule for how long your video should be, much relies on the sort of content you’re producing and the audience you’re targeting. In addition, the site where you want to post it influences the length of your video. You may experiment with the duration of your video if you want to upload it on your own website.

However, if you want to share it on a social media network like YouTube, you’ll need to be careful. YouTube’s best-performing videos are roughly 3 minutes in length, indicating that users favour short-form material. Keep your film as brief as possible while conveying the emotional significance.


There are several ways in which may increase consumer engagement and attract new clients. Although the video is a fascinating medium in and of itself, you can make the most out of it by concentrating on what your consumers care about.

Knowing your target audience and engaging them to participate in your content is crucial to a successful approach. Start with the fundamentals if you’re new to video engagement measurement and improvement.

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