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What Is a Secure Storage Facility?

A secure storage facility is an excellent option for anyone who needs to store sensitive items. It can protect items like antiques, jewelry, fragile documents and more.

Security features can vary significantly between facilities. This is why it’s essential to ask questions about the security of a potential storage unit. Touring the facility is the best way to determine if the security claims made by the company are valid.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential part of any secure storage facility. They serve as a deterrent to thieves and help you identify and track criminals.

Most storage facilities are open 24 hours a day, so it’s important to have cameras capable of recording at all times. Ideally, the camera system will also store footage on a hard-drive-based recording unit off-site.

The best security camera systems have high resolution and can record motion. This is especially important if there are frequently moving objects in the area being monitored.

In addition, storage facilities need cameras to capture images in low-light conditions. These cameras often use infrared light to illuminate the area they are monitoring. This can prevent glare that can make license plates illegible and ensure the image is clear enough to distinguish people and objects.

Gated Access

secured storage Lodi is a perfect place to store your prized possessions. The facility should offer security features to protect your goods from the elements and theft.

Many storage facilities have installed electronic-entry gates with unique passcodes or security cards to ensure they know precisely who’s constantly entering the facility.

Gated access is the best way to keep your valuables safe. A gated entrance with a security guard at all times is the safest and most convenient way to go about storing your belongings.

A few other things that a secure storage facility might also include in their list of must-haves are alarmed units, video surveillance, and even an online bill payment solution. In addition to the obvious items, some offer other cool gizmos like temperature-controlled interior/exterior storage. This lets you keep your stuff safe and dry while keeping the heat off your furniture.

24-Hour Security

One of the most important aspects of a secure storage facility is its security measures. These include secure gate access, individual door alarms, and video surveillance.

Another way to boost security is by implementing well-trained and knowledgeable staff. These employees can monitor a storage facility and check for any suspicious activity.

For instance, they can call the police and alert management if something goes wrong. And they can help keep your belongings safe by providing you with a storage locker that’s difficult to break into, such as a disc or cylinder lock.

The best way to see if a storage facility fits you is by visiting it in person. Seeing it in the sunlight and checking out the features on display will give you a better idea of what you’re getting into. You can also ask questions to get your needed answers and learn more about how our facilities are designed to provide the best storage experience possible.

Climate Control

Climate control is a key feature of secure storage facilities. It provides a stable environment for your belongings to stay in their original condition.

Heat and cold can be damaging to all sorts of items. It can cause vinyl records to warp, photographs to become brittle and even documents to be unreadable.

Humidity is another factor to consider when storing sensitive items. Without proper moisture controls, condensation forms on surfaces, leading to mold and mildew growth.

The best way to avoid this problem is by renting a climate-controlled unit for your household’s more delicate, rare and valuable items.

While some items can’t be stored in climate-controlled units, like fur coats, fuel or perishables, many can. So, before renting a climate-controlled unit, tell the storage facility manager what you plan to store so they can recommend the right size for your needs. They can also provide tips for protecting your sensitive possessions from the elements.

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