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What is an SSN Trace Report and How to Use it?

What is an SSN Trace Report and How to Use it?

A social security number trace report can reveal much information about a person. First, it will tell you the applicant’s names, including prior married names, AKAs, and nicknames. For example, females who use their maiden name will likely have a criminal history. Likewise, a male who legally changed their name may have an account of arrests under their birth name. Unfortunately, many people choose to conceal their criminal past to seek employment.

Sources of social security number traces

Several social security number trace sources exist, such as a commercial database and online databases. They combine information from credit bureaus and additional sources, such as voter records, health club memberships, and online retail accounts. They identify jurisdictions where the applicant has resided.

SSN trace provides a detailed analysis of a person’s background. SSN traces are helpful for background investigations, as they identify a person’s previous names and addresses. In some cases, the issuance date of a social security number conflicts with a candidate’s date of birth. If this discrepancy is suspected, the screening analyst can determine the cause and perform further checks. In these cases, SSN traces are valuable tools to verify information that can help identify criminal records.

Methods of running a social security number trace

This service will provide the name and address linked with a social security number over the previous seven years. It is based on your information, including former residences, aliases, and more. This information can be used to connect your candidate to a criminal background. Unfortunately, despite being a common way to identify people, SSN does not indicate immigration status or eligibility to work in the United States.

SSN Trace reports can be misleading. Some of the message’s information may be inaccurate. You can request the candidate to provide further clarification to determine whether this information is true. Once you have obtained all the information, you can proceed to the next step, hiring the person.

Limitations of a social security number trace

A social security number trace report has several limitations, and a thorough background check should always be conducted before relying on such information. For example, a single criminal search will only give results relating to the given name, but a social security number trace will provide names and addresses for a specific SSN. The information will also help you perform further criminal record searches based on the information that you find.

The first limitation is that the data contained in a social security number trace report comes from a proprietary database. This means that information from lending institutions, utility companies, and schools is stored by companies that sell it later for use in credit reports and marketing lists. This is accurate; it still can be distorted and incomplete. Unfortunately, this is a common problem and can lead to unnecessary litigation. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect yourself against these liabilities.

Reliability of data returned by a social security number trace

An SSN trace report is a quick and easy way to verify whether a number is valid and to find names and addresses associated with it. However, it does not confirm the identity of the individual. A Social Security number trace report only checks if the number is registered to the applicant, which is not an accurate way to check immigration status. The reliability of the data returned by a trace report is based on the reporting agencies’ accuracy. Hence, inaccurate data may appear, or misspelled names may be listed with different identities. Also, the applicant can have used other words for obtaining credit in the past.

Although an SSN trace report may reveal information on a person, it should not be used as a basis for employment decisions or for taking any other action. There are many reasons why an SSN trace report may contain inaccurate data, and consumers should ensure the company can provide accurate information. For example, a social security number trace report can provide information on a person up to ten years ago. Still, it cannot verify the owner of a social security number. This is because the data returned by a social security number trace report may be outdated or incomplete.

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