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What is Servant Leadership Style? Is It Important in Business?

Servant Leadership Style

If you are working in an organization as a leader, you can adopt various leadership styles. Anyhow, the servant leadership style is one of the best leadership styles. By using this leadership style, you can build a strong team with members. To build strong teams with them, you will have to satisfy them with your personality and professionalism. They contribute to do high-quality work for the success of a company. While setting the people for success, you will have to assign their roles. Moreover, they also know the role of their boss.

What is Servant Leadership Style?

A management style in which we have to prioritize the growth and well being of the team members is the servant leadership style. Servant leaders play different roles than traditional leaders. They focus on the coaching and development of individuals. On the other hand, traditional leaders just try to achieve the goals of the organizations. Traditional leaders always work to achieve the advanced goals of an organization. Servant leaders always put the employees ahead of power.

Principles of Servant Leadership Style:

While following the servant leadership style to organize people within an organization, you will have to follow a common set of characteristics. Here, we will discuss the most important characteristics of the servant leadership style.


It is one of the core principles of the servant leadership style. By following this strategy, you will have to pay attention to the words of the team members. When you will follow this technique, team members will consider that you are taking care of them. It is also the best way to provide value to the team members.


No doubt, there are various ways of showing empathy to others. Anyhow, if you want to show empathy in the servant leadership style, you will have to get down to knowing the team members. You should try to know their strengths and weaknesses. This is the best way to shine the team members. It is also the best way to convert the weaknesses of team members into strengths.


While following the servant leadership style, you will have to hire the employees. Sometimes, people may come from a toxic work environment. After hiring them, you will have to heal them. You can easily heal them by offering a healthy work environment within the organization. The leaders should also provide the best tools to the employees to get success.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, after knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the team members, you will have to utilize self-awareness techniques. You should think about your strengths and weaknesses. After thinking about them, you should find out the best ways to fit into these situations. Now, you should find out your role to help the team members and company. When you will recognize your limitations, you can easily understand the real strength of your team.


If you are following the servant leadership style, you should also think about the slick sales tactics. For this reason, you will have to follow persuasion techniques. They can easily use it to build consensus. The leaders can also use it to get buy-in from the team members. That’s why the members will feel that they are playing a vital role in the success of the company.


It is also one of the key traits of the servant leadership style. By following this principle, you will have to get knowledge from the past. Now, you will have to apply this knowledge for the continued growth of your company. After getting enough knowledge, you will know what is working for a project and what is not working. Therefore, you can easily fine-tune the processes of all the projects.

Importance of Servant Leadership Style:

It is offering lots of compelling benefits for the organizations. Organizations should also understand the importance of these leadership styles. Here, we will discuss the most important benefits of the servant leadership style.

Better Collaboration:

The employees will see their leaders as their role models. That’s why they try to show these values at the workplace. They also drop the unproductive behaviour at the workplace. The employees will pay attention to all the fields of the organization. When they work together, they can get the best results.

Positive Work Environment:

If a leader is supportive and working on the shared goals with employees, we can make the workplace interaction more constructive. Due to this positive work environment, they all work to increase productivity within the organization.

Commitment, Trust and Loyalty of the Employees:

The main aim of the servant leadership style is to empower the employees. When you will show this kind of behaviour, the employees start to work on the overarching mission of the company. They try to feel trust in their abilities. This thing will become the cause of strong employee engagement. It lasts some solid impacts on the operating margins. The experts are saying that companies can enjoy three times higher margins.

Greater Organizational Agility:

While working as a servant leader, you will have to encourage the employees to make decisions at the lower level. When they make decisions, they understand their responsibilities. They also get the required tools and skills to perform different tasks within the organization. If conditions change, they can quickly adapt to these conditions.

Foster Leadership Everywhere:

When you will empower employees to take their responsibilities, you can easily accelerate their leadership abilities. This thing encourages the individual to model off his behaviour. The employees can easily get access to their leaders.


As a leader, if you are prioritizing the growth and well-being of your team, you are showing a servant leadership style. The servant leaders have to work for the development of the individual traits of the employees. While working as a servant leader, you will have to follow some essential principles. For example, you will have to listen to the words of the employees. You will have to show empathy and healing for the employees. They have to look at the past and try to implement it in the future. If you will follow these principles, you will get lots of benefits. You can create stronger teams with better collaboration. They can also create a positive work environment within the organization. The leaders can also work on the employee’s trust and loyalty.

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