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What You Can Do to Update Your Old Kitchen?

Kitchens are high-traffic spaces that get a lot of use. Over time, they can become dated, ugly and uninviting.

While full-blown renovations are usually out of the question, there are still ways to make a dated kitchen feel modern without breaking the bank. Here are 20 budget-friendly kitchen remodel ideas to help you spruce up your outdated cooking area!

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is one of the quickest ways to transform an outdated kitchen and add instant personality and charm. But the decision to paint or replace your cabinets is a personal one.

Before you begin, thoroughly clean your cabinet surfaces to ensure the paint will adhere well and not chip or peel. If any oil, dirt, or other material is on the surface, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Once your cabinets are clean, apply a coat of high-quality primer to the entire surface. Allow the primer to dry overnight.

Replace Your Appliances

If your appliances show wear and tear, it might be time to replace them. Replacing these appliances will help you modernize your kitchen and add value to your home.

Most appliances have a lifespan of about 15 years. But it can vary by brand, how much use they get and how it is installed, like the oven installation Washington DC. Properly installing appliances is crucial to ensure it performs at optimum levels.

Install Hardwood Flooring

The classic floor option, hardwood, has a timeless beauty and a rich look that never goes out of style. It can easily be refinished, stained or painted to give your kitchen a fresh look.

Before you start laying hardwood flooring, it’s essential to let the wood acclimate to the climate in your home. Allow three to five days for the process to take effect.

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When laying out your flooring, keep the lengths of boards random and at least six inches long. Also, stagger end joints for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Leave a 3/4′′ expansion gap around the perimeter of your room, as all hardwood will expand and contract throughout the year due to humidity changes. Run your first-row perpendicular to the joists for strength and a straight floor.

Install New Lighting

Installing new lighting is one of the quickest and least-costly ways to modernize your outdated kitchen. Whether adding ceiling lights above an island or introducing task lighting underneath cabinets, the right fixtures can make all the difference in a kitchen remodel.

Planning out your lighting scheme early in your kitchen design is essential. This way, you can set a budget and have more options as your kitchen layout develops.

Add Fabric Finishings

More minor details can make all the difference when updating your kitchen. Your space can instantly boost sophistication by adding a new knife and utensil holder, a fresh flower vase, or even an embroidered cutting board.

Another way to modernize your outdated kitchen is by adding fabric finishings. From hand towels to rugs, they add softness and texture to the space while keeping you comfortable when cooking.

Add a Runner or Rug

Adding a runner or rug is a quick and low-cost way to update your kitchen. These rugs protect your floor, provide comfort and are an excellent accent for any room.

Typically, runner rugs are made from natural or synthetic fibers. They are durable and easy to clean, as well as stain-resistant.

Runner rugs are also available in various colors and shapes, making matching them with your kitchen’s decor easy. Choose neutral shades to coordinate with your existing furniture pieces, or opt for a bold hue like a red kilim runner to add color and charm to the space.

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