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Which jailbreak teams are working on what jailbreaks for iOS 15?

ios 15

Despite this week’s formal public release of iOS 16.0 by Apple, the wait for an iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreak continues. Despite this, we entirely understand you want a status update, which is what we’ll be giving you in today’s article.

iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreaks are under development


The impending rootless Cheyote jailbreak by The Odyssey Team for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 has drawn the most significant attention over the past few months, and for a good reason. The team usually does a decent job of publishing recent jailbreaks and keeping them up for several months.

However, the project’s lead developer CoolStar has shared several contentious status updates over the past few weeks, ranging from the idea of charging for a jailbreak release to purposefully delaying progress on completion. His most recent Tweet, posted just this morning, confirms the latter. CoolStar is frustrated with the slew of impatient comments and criticism on message boards and social media.


The checkra1n Team has also been under our keen observation, although they have been much less outspoken about their developments. Their most recent status report happened in December 2021, and it mentioned that team member Siguza was planning to establish a new volume to fill with any jailbreak stuff that couldn’t be bind-mounted given that union mounts were no longer supported on iOS & iPadOS 15. Moreover, iremoval pro under the checkra1n iremovalra1n also focusing more to develop it for the iOS 15 jailbreak.


Blizzard Jailbreak, whose developer is geosn0w is a new competitor in the race to create an iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreak. His first jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 15 looks to be based on the checkm8 bootrom exploit, which, like checkra1n, would only be able to unlock iPhone X and other A7-A11-compatible devices.

Even though geosn0w only presently has a tool designed for iOS 9 devices in his portfolio, he has legitimately admitted that he is unsure of his ability to jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 15 successfully. He still plans to give it a shot.


The security researcher who created the Fugu14 untether was notably linked to the unc0ver jailbreak via AltStore to enable support for A12-A14 devices running iOS & iPadOS 14.4-14.5.1, Linus Henze, deserves special recognition, according to iDB.

In his session at the Objective by the Sea conference next month, Henze wants to reveal how it’s possible to jailbreak iOS & iPadOS 15.4.1 despite all the most recent security mitigations, as you may recall from one of our postings earlier this year. Henze will review every flaw exploited in the Fugu15 chain and how many security mitigations are circumvented.

Henze also promises to demonstrate a “unique and uncommon” method of installing Fugu15 on a device, possibly even more intriguing.


Although Pwn20wnd’s work on the unc0ver jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 15 has not been mentioned, it will be fascinating to see whether it receives any of the tasty support from the Fugu15 material discussed above.

Honorable Mention: TrollStore

TrollStore is a permanent signing tool for iOS & iPadOS 14.0–15.1.1, first introduced by iOS developer opa334. With it, you can use an exploit to permanently install any.ipa (iPhone application) file as opposed to utilizing more conventional sideloading techniques like AltStore or Sideload, which necessitate signing those programs every seven or 365 days, respectively (depending on whether you have a free or paid Apple developer account to sign them with).

So even though TrollStore isn’t a jailbreak, it is built on an exploit and allows you to modify programs to alter the behavior of your device, which is why we advise playing around with it if you’re impatiently awaiting the release of your iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreak!


All of the above amounts to the same thing we’ve been saying in nearly every post about jailbreaking to date: there isn’t an ETA for an iOS & iPadOS 15 jailbreak, but efforts are being made to release one to the public.


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