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Why Using Assessment Data to Interpret Student Progress is Vital?

Interpret Student Progress

Whether a parent or an educator, you know that student data is essential in providing world-class education and personalized support. And, in most learning communities, reports from student data help prepare learners to land careers and help improve society. One such reporting tool is Star 360, and you’re about to find out what it is all about.

In this article, you’ll find out what Star 360 assessments are and how you can utilize them. Also, you’ll know how to help your students with Star assessments and where to get cutting-edge analytics and strategic planning technology.

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What are Star Assessments?

Star assessments are tests that teachers use to get data on a student’s reading, literacy skills, and math. They are computer-adaptive and adjust depending on the learner’s answer. For example, if the learner answers a question incorrectly whether online or through pdf files, they get an easier question in the next round. And, if they answer correctly, the next question becomes more difficult. 

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How Do You Utilize Star Assessments?

Star 360 assessments help identify the students who match the expected outcomes and those who need help. Also, they help identify the skills that students are ready to process, and they give teachers an early warning of students who may not meet the set proficiency requirements.


Star assessment can be beneficial to the teaching-learning process. Therefore, it is prudent to invest in a platform like Innovare. It will empower you to make data-driven decisions that positively impact students and enhance their progress.

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