5 Personal Branding Ideas for Fresh Content in the New Normal

Struggling to come up with fresh content and ideas for your personal brand

With so many brands featuring just about every aspect of the industry, it does feel like everything has been done and redone. But don’t get frustrated if you can’t come up with compelling content ideas. That’s what we’re here for!

How you communicate with your followers matters in personal branding. You need to find a better way of conveying your messages across. Most brands and influencers tend to focus too much on self-promotion and not so much on things that really matter – like the changes that the pandemic brought, how the business landscape changed drastically in the new normal, or how everything from relationships to technical developments has changed during unprecedented times. 

In dark, uncertain times, people want to be heard and understood. As a personal brand, you can be there with your followers, helping them get through the most challenging times not so much as to promote a product but to educate and entertain. 

If you are struggling to find fresh content ideas for your personal brand, we suggest these strategies: 

5 Personal Branding Ideas for Fresh Content

Go Behind the Scenes

If your audience is used to seeing stock images or product shots on your social media and blogs, then show things that viewers haven’t before: turn the camera around to catch a glimpse of what’s going on behind the brand! 

Lift the veil and show your audience all the challenges you go through, how certain ads or content were made, even demo fails or bloopers. Drop the formalities and interact with your audience like you would with old friends. Sharing all the things that go behind the “glitter and shine” makes your brand more relatable. 

It’s all about Relevance

The pandemic led to so many changes in such a short time. Your brand must adapt to these changes. When planning your content strategy, focus on topics that reflect the times. Look at your viewers’ changing preferences and see how you can adjust your content to provide solutions. 

Providing content that reflects these changes will attract more attention simply because people are dealing with new challenges. And change can be scary for some. People turn to industry leaders and popular personalities for inspiration, entertainment, and education during these unprecedented times. By providing relevant and valuable free content, you can turn casual users into avid followers while reinforcing brand loyalty. 

Share Your Take on Industry News

Controversy is always a hot topic, and sharing your take on specific issues helps educate and entertain your audience. For example, many businesses were shut down during the pandemic, and those that remained were online businesses. The same thing goes for app-based delivery services; these were very popular at the height of the pandemic. 

You can highlight this in a commentary or blog post, showing the pros and cons of managing an online business in a changing business climate. If you’re service-based, you can dive deep into the benefits and downsides of working remotely since many people now work from home. Monitoring the changes in your own industry and checking out trendy or controversial topics will give you plenty of fresh content ideas. 

Case Studies

One way to educate, entertain, and support fellow entrepreneurs is to create case studies about the challenges you have faced. If your business continues to thrive despite the changing times, you are doing something right, and that’s something other businesses can learn from. 

How did you deal with the uncertainties? What’s the hardest challenge you overcame? What opportunities did you come across, and how did you make the most out of them? Giving your insights on these changes in the form of a case study will help business owners who are struggling to make it. 

Spark a Conversation

As a brand, you want to build a community consisting of engaged viewers. You want people to join your group, participate in conversations, and learn from each other’s experiences. You’re not just there to educate but also to provide a space where people can connect, converse, and learn from each other.

You can do that by creating a group or turning your blog’s comment section into a place where people can talk and share experiences. You can spark a conversation by asking a question and getting people to share their experiences or share a blog post, and getting people to give their take on the subject. You can also ask for user-generated posts to get your customers to share their experiences and provide tips that others would find helpful. 

It’s challenging to keep coming up with ideas to blog or highlight in your socials time and again, but looking at current events; you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next content strategy. As long as the topics are relevant, helpful, and relatable, they will get people talking! Take that opportunity to position yourself as a leader in your industry and eventually, you’ll be able to build a community of engaged followers!

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