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5 Things One Should Do To Make Your House Party Interesting

5 Things One Should Do To Make Your House Party Interesting

We all have attended a house party, and perhaps we still have some epic memories of the parties we went to a couple of years ago. But have you ever thought of being a host sometime? Of course, the feeling of hosting a house party that your friends and family will reminisce about for the rest of their lives is unexplainable.
However, throwing down a house party is not a walk in the park. It calls for days of good planning and preparation. If you plan to host a house party soon, these five ideas will help you make your party interesting.

Prepare a good playlist.

Music is the food of the soul. So they say. When it comes to throwing a memorable house party, there is no compromise to playing good music. A good playlist will set your guests’ mood and get the whole party going. If the music is down, the party will go down with it.

Hiring a Dj can be a good idea if you are not good at mixing some fine music. But wait, before you think of hiring a Dj, find out if one of your friends has some Dj skills. You can offer a few bucks and have him do his things.

If you are working on a budget and can’t find a Dj among your friends, you will have to take control of the situation. It doesn’t matter how versed you are with the Dj thing. After all, nobody expects you to mix fine music like a pro. 

So, how about starting with some classical music to get your guest in the mood? Play songs that most of your guests are familiar with, or maybe old-school hits that topped the Billboard chart in your golden days. These kinds of music will invoke some old memories and get your guests singing the old songs they loved but forgot. If you don’t know what to do, check on Spotify, you will find some good playlists for your occasion that others have curated.

Consequently, next time you think of hosting a house party, sharpen your Dj skills or save some bucks to hire a professional Dj.

Make a good choice of food and drinks.

Food! Food! Food! Who doesn’t love food? Food and drinks form the basis of a good house party. They are the heartbeat of the party. We mean, where will we get the energy to dance without food? So, don’t mess with food preparation if you want your house party to be fascinating.

Serve your guests with finger-licking meals like chicken curry served with rice, hot chicken wings, mini party burgers, pizza, fries, BBQ chicken bites, potato wedges, cheese breadsticks, and BBQ meat. I’m sure these meals will keep them satiated. Be mindful of vegans too. They, too, deserve to eat.

How about some drinks? Of course, your choice of liquor will detect the party’s mood. People get lost after drinking, so don’t expect some beer bottles to do the magic. Get some vodka, whiskey, rum, and wine. Take care of your smoking friends too. Do not forget to check the bartender event staffing so things are managed efficiently.

Get them some cigars and vapes, etc. You can try CBD Genesis vape juice products. Your ultimate goal should be to get everyone high and crazy. Crazy scenes are what make the party interesting and memorable.

Lest you forget, not everyone can withstand the burning sensation of alcohol on their liver. So, make available some soft drinks. It could be anything from fresh juices to sodas.

Check who is on your guest list.

Your success or failure depends on who you have chosen to invite. While making an invite, it’s essential to include key players who will ensure the smooth running of the party. Include a set of crazy friends who are not afraid to let themselves loose. They are the ones who light up the party. Remember, it’s a party, not some memorial service.

And oh! Your bouncer friend should not miss the list. You may need him just in case people get crazy and you cannot handle the situation. Of course, you know how crazy people can be after a few drinks. Also on your list should be a set of friends who can help you with some house chores before and after the party. The aftermath is always messy. Of course, you will need a hand to clear the mess.

Create the main party space.

House parties are not official meetings where everybody will be sighted waiting for their time to speak. Expect people to be moving around haphazardly. The last thing you would want is your guest messing up every available space in your house. It is therefore vital to create enough space for your guest. You can move some of your furniture to create more space for your guests.

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Set up entertainment.

Food, drinks, and music alone are never enough for a good house party. Of course, not everybody enjoys drinking and loud music. Infuse some adult games at the party and break the monotony. House party games such as chess, dartboard, poker, and card games such as FreeCell, Solitaire, Klondike, etc can add fun to your party.

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Concluding shots

It’s everyone’s dream to host a memorable house party. However, the success of any house party solely relies on a good plan and preparation. Feel free to follow the above tips and be sure your house party will be one of a kind. Cheers!!

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