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5 Ways You Can Give Back to Education

5 Ways You Can Give Back to Education

Education plays a significant role in a child’s life. It arms them with the right tools to pursue and succeed in the career path of their choice. Unfortunately, many students and families are struggling, and the support in classrooms is quite limited. In fact, teachers sometimes have to spend their own money to get school supplies for their students.

According to the Education Market Association, teachers spend over $500 of their own money on classroom supplies each year. Luckily, there is something everyone can do to help students and educators. Whether you want to donate your time, money, skills, or ideas, here are a few ways you can donate to learning in your community.

1. Donate Supplies

Many schools lack the necessary supplies to run smoothly, such as notebooks, pencils, tissue paper, and more. Teachers use their own money to provide these supplies in classrooms. They might not cost much, but some schools barely have enough to last the first two months of the school year. In extreme cases, some children lack basic necessities like proper meals. That’s where donations can come in different forms. You can decide to go to your nearest store and shop for the items or donate money to help acquire the items. A child will definitely benefit from them.

2. Join PTA or Mutual Aid Group

If you are a parent, you can join the Parent Teacher Association or any other board or group in the school. You can still join even if you don’t have a child in the school. If there is none, consider joining a mutual aid group in your community. If there is none, you can initiate one and mobilize neighbors and friends to join. Mutual aid groups help recognize the shortage in government services and connect with bigger organizations to help address the challenges. PTAs and Mutual aid groups can directly donate and find organizations that can donate more depending on the needs of the school.

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3. Sponsor a Child or Teacher

Andre Chapman believes that one of the best ways to give back to your community in the education system is by sponsoring a child’s education. You can decide to pay school fees for one or several students depending on your financial muscle, or help the teachers by funding classroom projects. You can also purchase supplies needed in classrooms, like books, desks, and other materials.

4. Mentor Students and Teachers

Supporting education just like free educational websites should be comprehensive and doesn’t always have to involve money. Students need mental and psychological help as they grow. They need proper guidance to help them make the right choices in life. If you can teach, why not share your skills with your community students? Mentoring students can broaden their minds and help them make valuable decisions about their education and careers.

You could also form an organization to provide mentorship programs for disadvantaged students. You can connect with lawyers, engineers, doctors, financial advisors, and people in other professions to mentor students and prepare them for the careers they choose.  Mentors are great advisors, advocates, and confidants.

5. Organize Field Trips

Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you own a couple of buses? Do you work somewhere that might make an interesting field trip for students in your community? All these are great opportunities to give back to education. If you enjoy traveling, you can offer to take children on field trips and show them interesting educational places. If you have buses, you can offer to ride the students on field trips free of charge or organize with your team to allow students to visit you if you work in an area that can make an interesting field trip.

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