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How To Build A Culture of Revision In Your Class?

How To Build A Culture of Revision In Your Class?

Kick-starting a culture of revision in your class will help your students achieve the most out of their reading. The revision culture falls under smart reading as opposed to studying hard. The revision culture means different things for different people.

However, it all falls under reviewing your notes to understand the topic better. Therefore, how can a teacher help build a revision culture in their class?

●    Make your students aware to culture of revision

A revision culture is a form of self-discipline. Therefore, the first step in building a revision culture is to make your students aware of this concept. If you think about it, it’s not that hard to make your students aware of it.

Just explain how important it is. Please explain how this all stems to improve their understanding of the topic, and then explain how vital a good revision is to their overall knowledge.

The key here is to make them understand that they must revise to succeed in the classroom and out in life.

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●    Give your students a revision plan

A revision plan will help build a great culture for revising at school. The best way for your students to have a successful revision plan is to develop one with them. You can write down what they want to revise and why.

Then, you can sit down with them and ensure they understand that their revision plan is not just a list of things to revise, but rather it is the tool that will help them improve their overall understanding of literature.

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●    Set up a revision culture in your classroom

After setting up a revision culture in your classroom, you need to make sure that everyone understands the importance of revising. This can be done by writing down a to-do list for their revision.

You can also have students write down what they have changed (if any) and what they still need to revise. If you do this, students should start seeing the importance of revising and building their revision plans.

For example, if the weeks’ task is 3rd grade science experiment ideas, brainstorm with your students on what they would like to revise.

Then, have them write down their revision plan. Finally, Adobe Education Exchange has various resources which can help with brainstorming.

●    Provide Feedback

After students have set up a revision culture, you should provide them with feedback. This is one of the most essential parts of a revision culture. If students are not getting feedback on their work, it is difficult to know if what they have done is wrong or needs to be revised.

They will continue to revise the same things repeatedly, which will not help them improve. They might even start to think that the way they revise is correct when it isn’t.

So make sure you provide students with feedback on their work. You can do this by having students come up and tell you what they have revised or by giving them a written assignment (before or after class) to explain what they have written.

●    Reward your students

Once you have built a good revision culture in your classroom, then it’s time for rewards. For this system to work, you need to reward your students for their work. You can do this in several ways, but the best way is to have a reward system where students can earn rewards. Here are some ideas for rewards:

  • Reward charts
  • Extra class time or days off
  • A small prize or gift
  • Free time to do something fun, like go to the movies
  • A small prize for a job well done
  • Gift certificates for things like snacks, games, or video games
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