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Which subjects should I choose for the O Level?

Which subjects should I choose for the O Level?

As the shift from grade 8 to O Levels is substantial, O-level courses online are necessary. First and foremost, think about what you like doing, because studying your scientific interests for higher levels will hinder your commerce interests, and vice versa. Furthermore, because some people can’t make up their minds, they frequently enroll in commerce and scientific O-level training courses.

Most successful students in Ziyyara take the following O Level combination:

Must-study subjects

Whether you like it or not, you must study these topics.

(1) Math – This is a must-have skill.

(2) English as a second language (ESL)

Universities are more likely to seek English as a first language. Most institutions demand a ‘C’ grade to get admitted into a degree program. A B or, in some situations, an A is necessary for English as a second language.

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The language is optional

Students from Ziyyara typically enroll in a second language, such as a foreign language, during Cambridge O level courses. Because you may do the topic for A levels, such as Spanish, French, or even Tamil, this becomes a terrific additional point in your university application and your A levels.

Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Tamil, Sinhala, and Malay are common language topics. In O level online courses, the examination board may offer it as a first language, a foreign language, or a second language.

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Science and Technology

Science and technology is your opportunity to study the sciences. However, some people cannot decide whether they want to study science or business, so they take all six disciplines or a sample of science and commerce.

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Among the common sciences are:


Waves, motion, mechanics, electricity, and energy are only a few examples of fundamental subjects in online tuition for O level Course.


The foundations of chemistry encompass reactions, group theories, physical chemistry, and even organics.

●  Biology is the science of life.

●  Physical Science is a field that combines physics and chemistry.

●  Combined-science is a term that refers to a science that combines several disciplines.

●  Marine science is the study of the sea from a scientific standpoint.

●  Environmental science is the study of the environment from a scientific standpoint.

●  Coordinated Sciences is a word used to denote a subset of integrated science.

●  Computer Science

Most people who don’t finish all of their scientific classes choose coordinated or integrated sciences. O level training online may help you get the best in the course.

The Commerce Department

●  Economics is an excellent blend of science and a significant commercial subject.

●  Business is not as important to science as economics, but it’s still useful.

●  If you are comfortable with maths, accounting is a fantastic choice.

●  Commercial research is a fascinating subject to pair with the sciences.

The rest of the topics

Additional Maths

We will teach AS Level maths in online O level course tutoring. However, if your maths mark in 8th standard is less than 70%, you should not take this subject.

Environmental Management

Environmental Management is a fascinating topic with excellent material.


If you’re passionate about music, choose this as a main chapter.


Choose this only if you are passionate about it.


Yet other passion


Psychology is fascinating in GCSE, but it becomes interesting in AL. It’s a good idea to start with psychology for ALs.

Information Communication Technology

Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a non-computer science-related core field.

Global perspective

The global perspective is the best research-based topic.

English Literature

 Literature in general

International tourism, geography, and leisure studies are just a few of the numerous disciplines available. On our platform, we have an online ib O level course with best  tutors to help you.

Besides, you must know how to write a Good Essay!

How to ace O levels?


If you don’t have enough time, you can study the O level training in home tuition and remember it for the sciences. It contains practically all of the knowledge you’ll need to succeed. Biology, in particular, because it is all about data and memory. In physics and chemistry, you should strive to undertake topical practices or 10-year series to enhance your question-answering abilities, as some questions have sample solutions that you should be familiar with.


You can practice arithmetic frequently in O level courses online tuition provided by us; for example, if you’ve generally grasped all of the themes, do a whole paper once in a while to guarantee that you haven’t lost your grasp.


Memory is a big part of geography and history. If you’re studying social studies or elective history, make sure you receive enough practice to understand the different types of questions. However, when answering these questions, go with your gut instinct. You’ll almost always be correct. It is the best option to choose private tuition for O level online courses.

When it comes to essay questions, memorization isn’t always adequate. You must also maintain a healthy speed. You must write five essays in 2.5 hours for the history test and for this an online Essay Generator can be helpful.

So you can practice writing one paragraph within 25–35 minutes beforehand using home tuition for O level training online. Spending your time on other outstanding questions is more valuable than a perfect one.


Well, this is a bit tumultuous. You never know what kind of grade you’ll get. The essential thing is to be calm and collected throughout the exam. Because no matter how much you planned, if you get Writer’s Block, you’re doomed. So stay calm.

Overall, it is dependent on hard effort and perseverance. It’s also about studying wisely—don’t overwork yourself by focusing on just one subject. A four-hour science class is the best example.

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