Invest in Your Game – Custom Cues for Sale Worth Every Penny

The fun factor is a significant element in determining the success of your mobile game. It is essential to prioritize this element early on during development.

Specialized investors focus on the video game market and know your genre well. They also have a high rate of successful games in their portfolio.

Crafted to Last

A decent cue starts at around $100, and plenty of options exist. You can find excellent beginner cue online brands or even more budget brands.

The next level up is what you might call a “fancy” cue. These tend to have more intricate inlay materials, design details, and exotic woods that slightly drive the price.

Some of the most advanced pool cues can run well into the thousands. These are the ones that truly stand out on the table. They’re usually built with exotic woods and precious inlay materials like abalone, mother of pearl, turquoise, or malachite.

These bespoke creations are built using C4+ Technology. This innovation uses a unique fused maple core and sheaths it with a thin layer of Phenolic. This creates a much stronger, more stable cue than traditional methods and allows us to add exotic woods, stones, and other inlay materials without compromising the structural integrity of the cue.

Crafted to Perform

In the world of custom cues, quality is everything. Choose the best in Carolina custom cues for sale crafted with a premium blend of materials designed to perform at the highest level. It would be best to get a different level of craftsmanship and performance in a factory-made cue.

A top-rated maker can charge whatever they want for their work, but the value of a cue lies in what people will pay for it. This is why you can find fancy cues from unknown makers selling for thousands of dollars while other more basic models from well-known makers sell for mere hundreds.

The premium design is just one example of how a quality cue can be built to perform. The exotic woods, beautiful complimentary stones, and intricate inlaid ring sets make this series stand out. This eliminates the need for a threaded weight bolt that joins the forearm and handle and ensures a sturdier build.

Crafted to Look Great

Most pool cues in the $100-200 range come with an excellent stiff rock maple shaft, professional taper, and a layered cue tip. They are perfect entry-level cues for new players or those who want a simple but solid-performing pool cue.

Cues in the $200-300 range are more artisanal and often feature exotic woods and precious inlay materials like abalone, mother-of-pearl, or turquoise. These fancy cues may include a cue head cover and a more comfortable leather wrap. Regardless, these high-end artisan cues are works of art and make a statement that will be appreciated by anyone who sees them.

The premium custom one-of-a-kind cues feature a stunning Ebony forearm and butt sleeve. They are paired with industry-leading C4+ technology, which eliminates the need for a threaded weight bolt by sheathing a Uni-Loc pin in a Phenolic core and replacing other wooden components on the backside for more excellent stability, lifetime concentricity, and more muscular build.

Crafted to Fit Your Style

When it comes to buying a cue, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, a quality cue will cost you more than the purchase price. There are many things to consider, like the craftsmanship, the woods used, and the materials.

A 100-dollar cue is your best bet if you want a starter cue. These typically have a solid plane-style cue, a professional taper, and an excellent layered tip. Cues in this range are also generally made with less-figured woods like birdseye, ebony*, padauk, Tiger Maple, and tulipwood.

The next level is the 200-300 range. This is where you see better woods, and the build quality improves. Cues in this range are typically produced in larger production runs by companies. They may have a better quality shaft wood and usually offer a lifetime warranty.

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