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Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform? Which battlefield support cross-play?

Is Battlefield 5 Cross Platform

Players are preparing to enter the next battlefield game, Battlefield 5: Firestorm and they are all wondering “Is Battlefield 5 Cross Platform?”. As one of the many who are interested in being able to play with pals on several platforms, we are here to assist you.

Are you looking to see if Battlefield 5 offers Cross platform? If yes then this article for you!

Is Battlefield 5 Cross Platform?

Battlefield 5 does not offer cross-platform play, players from all platforms will not be able to compete against each other. This means that Battlefield 5 on the following platforms will not support Cross Platform:

  • PlayStation
  • Xbox One
  • PC

However, if you want to play with your friends, you’ll need to be using the same platform.

Before the game’s release, it was rumored that Battlefield 5 will enable cross-platform play. Nevertheless, no official remarks on the timing of whether Battlefield 5 will feature cross-play have been released as of yet. Those who desire to join with others on numerous platforms must be disappointed.

In Battlefield 5, there are a variety of modes in which gamers may enjoy teaming up with their friends to play.

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What is Cross Platform?

Cross-platform gaming is a significant concern for the business in recent years. Especially with games like Fortnite paving the way for a game that supports all platforms, games like Fortnite are paving the way for a platform-agnostic game.

cross platform in battlefield

Many gamers are still hoping that Battlefield 5 would provide cross-platform gaming. For the time being, EA and DICE are not planning to offer Battlefield 5 to the cross-play library.

The Battlefield 5 hub has plenty of details on the game if you’ve learned Battlefield 5 won’t have cross-platform play. There are other goods available at the DICE and EA website, including trailers, images, and other things.

Are any of the Battlefields Cross Platform?

There was a bevy of never-before-seen innovations to the franchise in the reveal of Battlefield 2042, and all of these seem to only improve the playing experience. It was a major aspect of the E3 demo presentation that Battlefield 2042 will be a cross-platform gaming experience, allowing players to play on both Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Microsoft has already secured their collaboration for the cross-platform nature of the game, and the game is planned to premiere on Oct. 22, 2021.

Frequent titles that have previously employed a unified multiplayer approach across several platforms include Fortnite and Call of Duty, both of which got positive attention for their decision to offer cross-platform play.

Will Battlefield 6 Be Cross play?

At this time, EA has yet to provide a firm statement on whether or not Battlefield 6 will feature cross-play, but we are confident that it will.

Why do we know so much? Thanks to this worldwide outbreak, no one has an Xbox One or PS5. We already know that Battlefield 6 is the biggest Battlefield game to date, as EA has five studios dedicated to it.

battlefield 6

Not losing out on the large player base on the PS4 and Xbox One is unthinkable for EA. With the new-gen consoles, the player base is simply too small. Battlefield 6 is almost certainly on next-gen consoles, and EA will risk the next-gen multiplayer if the feature isn’t available on all platforms.

There is a 99% chance that Battlefield 6 will have cross-play across current-gen consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, and PC), as well as between the current and last-gen systems (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC).

Another contributing factor is that the Warzone cross-play example has proved how rewarding and successful cross-play can be. In contrast, Battlefield 5 had no cross-play, was not performing to expectations, and did not show signs of being the hit EA wanted the game to be. With Battlefield 6 on the horizon, rest assured that EA will have learned from their mistakes and bring in cross-play.

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