What is Pikdo? A complete guide to the best Instagram Viewer

August 16, 2021
Pikdo Instagram Viewer

As we all know that we are living in a digital era where we can find anything with a single click and we also have hundreds of applications that help us to do it.

But some applications are trending nowadays and these apps are the source of information as well as for entertainment purposes.

Here we are talking about Instagram specifically.

When you start scrolling on these applications, you can spend hours and hours on them but it is not right!

You need to do some physical activities as well so, do you need a solution? The answer is, you can use an Instagram viewer app to compress your social media activities.

We have a list of hundreds of applications that are used to view images and videos on Instagram but we can say that Pikdo is one of the most reliable and finest applications.

So, let’s have a look at the features of Pikdo.

What is Pikdo in actuality?

As we mentioned above that Pikdo is used to view images and different social media activities like status updates, likes, comments, and many more things.

The good thing about this app is, it is free and has a user-friendly interface that leads to wonderful impressions.

But the question is how can we trust and give this app a try? So, whenever you are going to use something on the internet, all you need to check is the user’s review.

You must check the user reviews and ratings of this app before giving it a try.

And we can say that you have everything at your single click so, this app is best to use and must-have on your phone.

Pikdo Screenshot

Why Pikdo?

There are many benefits of using Pikdo but some of them are very noticeable and beneficial as well so, have a look at them.

  • It uses social media platforms to show you the pictures and other media
  • You can manage several accounts at a time
  • Many apps are unable to give you the option of handling multiple accounts but Pikdo do
  • There will be no difficulty managing a private account, it is similar to a public one
  • The interface is easy to use and you don’t want to search for anything about this app

It can also give you a facility of the following:

  • Most used filters
  • Most used check-ins
  • Frequently used hashtags
  • Most used mentions

Having these features will help you manage your account and the good thing is, you can easily manage more than one account.

Most of the apps which are similar to Pikdo do not have that many facilities and that’s why this is the best app and deserves a try.

Most people may get confused about how they can manage their activities? So, this guide is surely for them.

Contribution of Pikdo in the Instagram web version

It is not wrong to say that, creators of Instagram have a focus on mobile application only but there are both types of users; mobile and desktop.

We can say that Pikdo is like a bid to convince the creators to manage the web version of this application.

The good thing is, Pikdo proves itself as the best for web version also.

Most of the other tools are not that efficient and their creators only focus on the mobile application so, Pikdo is something advanced.

Some noticeable features help in the web version of Instagram so, let’s see.

  • It can navigate your photos
  • You can view your favorite pictures
  • You can also view your friend’s or follower’s pictures with a single click
  • The caption can be viewed by pointing the cursor on it
  • You can also filter the search results
  • You can easily view the most viewed pictures on Instagram

How Pikdo works as an online assistant?

As we mentioned above that Pikdo plays a vital role to convince Instagram creators to manage web versions and we have many noticeable contributions of Pikdo in this context.

Things are not over here by convincing the creators, we also have some additional features this app is giving us just like Piknu.

These features are listed down:

  • It uses Instagram mobile application plugins
  • You can view one picture at a time
  • You can click on the webpage by pointing your cursor at the picture
  • A picture will be zoomed by putting the cursor on it
  • You can access other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • It also allows you to open the clickable hashtags on the picture
  • We have a clear view of this application

While using this app, when we click on the Instagram profile, it shows the following things:

  • Frequently used filters on Instagram
  • A profile utilized hashtags that means most used hashtags
  • Users available at the specific profile

Best Alternatives to Pikdo

No doubt, Pikdo is the best application but you need to have a backup as well or we can say that we must have more than one choice.

We have some alternatives to Pikdo which are also very reliable and easy to use.

If your preference is the ease of use then you can go for these alternatives and we have shortlisted them from the list of hundreds of applications.

These alternatives are listed below:

  1. Yooying
  2. Ingram

We have some of the details about these three alternatives and these will surely be helpful for you.

1.      Yooying

The working of Yooying is similar to Pikdo but we can say that this is not that advanced as Pikdo but can be used as an alternative.

It shows the most used Instagram hashtags, frequent mentions on Instagram.

2.      Ingram

If you want to have the same interface as Instagram then you can go for this Pikdo alternative.

The good thing about Ingram is, you don’t need to give any login details, it can work without logging in.

It can easily show everything that can be shown by Yooying.

Bottom line

No doubt, we are living in a digital world today but we always prefer simple interfaces and apps that are easy to use.

So, we have discussed one of the finest and easy-to-use apps for managing your social media activities, you can have a look at it.

We also discussed some of the alternatives of this app, you can also go for them.

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