KIRIM.EMAIL Launches All-in-One Platform for Email Marketers & Developers

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, email marketing is a good way to connect with both current and potential clients and, ultimately, boost sales. In fact, email marketing has consistently outperformed both social media marketing and traditional marketing across different industries. To put this into perspective, a 2022 study from HubSpot revealed that marketing emails generate $42 for every $1 spent. This translates to 4,200% in ROI.

What makes email marketing such a successful tool in different industries?

Offers a more effective way of connecting with clients

When someone gives you their email address, it’s because they’re open to receiving emails from you on a consistent basis. Since you’ve gotten permission to send this person marketing material, they’re more likely to be open to what you have to say. This is very different from traditional advertising, where people can easily feel bombarded with the content you’re pushing at them. Once someone gives you their email address, you can bet that they’ll be on the lookout for your emails.

Gives you valuable behavioral data

Most email marketing platforms come with a metric system that allows you to track audience behavior. With this data, you can identify how specific audience segments respond to your emails. You can also pinpoint what kind of emails are more successful with specific audience segments. This makes it easy to do A/B testing and adjust future email marketing campaigns for better results.

Helps you connect with clients one-on-one

Believe it or not, email marketing is more successful than traditional advertisements because it helps you to connect with your target audience in a more authentic manner. With a good email marketing campaign, you can segment your audience based on demographics and psychographics. You can then send them more of the kind of content that they will enjoy consuming. Likewise, you can share the kind of offers on your products or services that you know they will be interested in. Furthermore, with behavioral data, you can adjust your approach to create more effective emails for particular audience segments.

Puts you in control of your marketing

With other marketing platforms, you’re at the mercy of the platform owners. If the platform is hacked, gets a bug or goes down for a day, then this could affect your communication with your audience. This isn’t at all unusual. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have all gone down enough times to teach us that we can’t rely primarily on social media to connect with our target audience. If you’re running a social media campaign and the platform goes down on a crucial day for your marketing campaign, this could be devastating. However, if you used email marketing to complement your social media marketing, then the effects of a social media blackout would be less severe.

Creates scalable marketing

Email marketing is easy to scale without stretching your budget. With a traditional advertising campaign, you would need to pay more to scale the campaign. On the other hand, scaling an email marketing campaign won’t leave a dent on your bottom line.

How KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional can help?

KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is an all-in-one email marketing platform that is perfect for email marketers and marketing agencies alike. Thanks to its all-inclusive features, you can manage email validation, transactional emails, send email to professor, and email marketing in one place. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional brings the best parts of platforms like MailChimp, Sendgrid, Zerobounce and Amazon SES to one platform. With this platform, email marketers no longer need to pay separately for email validation, email marketing and transactional emails. What’s more, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is the only platform that offers single pricing for these three critical features.

Beyond this, KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional also boasts competitive native features that outperform the other platforms. The additional features include Google Sheet Integration, Magic Opt-in, Email Builder, Landing Page Builder, and Vital Contest Campaigns. 

What are the key features of a great transactional email platform? 

Are you wondering what makes KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional the best pick? Well, when you look at the key features of a great transactional email service, this platform checks all the boxes:

·         Deliverability

It’s bad news for your brand when clients receive their delivery emails as spam. It’s even worse when they get these emails late or do not get them at all. That’s why working with a reliable transaction email provider is essential. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional guarantees deliverability. Most importantly, this provider should guarantee that your client will receive your emails through their inbox. 

·         Analytics 

When it comes to business data, the needs differ across the board. However, what remains consistent is the need for comprehensive numbers. All business needs numbers to help them track their progress. The best transactional email providers allow you to track spam complaints, bounce rates, and open rates. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional will go as far as providing delivery insights, which are vital in email improvements. 

·         Customer support

The success of transaction emails greatly relies on responsive support. Even pros need help from time to time. As such, customer support is an ideal feature for any email marketing platform. You should be able to get assistance right away in case your account experiences a hitch. Support can be offered to clients through phone conversation, chat, or live feed. It’s even more important to ensure that the customer support team is highly responsive. Additionally, reliable email marketing platforms come with customer-centric tools and knowledge to help you solve small problems on your own if you’d prefer to go the DIY route. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional offers quality customer support for all clients as well as the tools to ensure that your email marketing campaign launches without a hitch.

·         Easy set-up

This is an essential element to consider when getting a transactional email service. Imagine how frustrating it can get when you can’t run the app after signing up and paying for a plan. Therefore, you must ensure you and your team can use the platform comfortably before buying it. Since the team at KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional wanted to take the stress out of email marketing, they’ve built a user-friendly platform – one that email marketers of all levels can use comfortably.

·         Value for Money

An email marketing tool is a huge investment in a business. As such, you must be confident it has all that you need before purchasing it. Therefore, take your time and assess the platform; if it has a free trial, try it out first before purchasing a plan. The team behind KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional knows that the best transactional email platform is not about the price. Rather, it’s about the quality of services your business will get. KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional is committed to consistently providing quality services to ensure that email marketers can run exceptional campaigns that convert.

If you’re looking for an email marketing solution that is easy to use and scalable, look no further. To learn more about KIRIM.EMAIL Transactional, visit their website. Sign up today and wave goodbye to cumbersome and expensive email marketing tools.

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