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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Hot Food Display Equipment

Heated display cabinets are important commercial equipment in nearly any restaurant or food service establishment. The right wild display case can help businesses elevate their product presentation and boost sales.

The Vollrath cubed glass refrigerated food deli case is a stylish and functional choice that adheres to UL/NSF/ANSI 7 compliance standards, making it safe for Time-Temperature Controlled (TCS) foods. This model features two floating shelves that adjust to three positions and argon-filled and sealed double-pane low-emissivity glass that won’t fog.


The temperature of your food plays a key role in its safety and overall appearance. Food kept at the correct temperatures will look fresh and appealing, while food stored at an incorrect temperature can make it unsafe for customers to eat.

Choosing the right heated display case will allow you to keep your menu items at a safe temperature without compromising their quality. Wild display cases feature an upper radiant heat and precise humidity control that maintains the ideal storage temperature, preventing spoilage and keeping foods looking good for longer.

The Vollrath Cubed-Glass Refrigerated Display Deli Case is a versatile countertop unit with two floating shelves that adjust to three positions. It adheres to UL/NSF/ANSI 7 compliance standards and is safe for storing Time-Temperature Controlled (TCS) foods. It also has a double-glazed front glass that won’t fog, making it easy to see your products. This case is a great option for restaurants that need to showcase their food stylishly and functionally.


The design of your hot food display equipment can affect how easily you can merchandise your products and entice customers to purchase. Heated display cabinets are available in various sizes and designs, so you can find the perfect one to fit your business.

Commercial hot food displays showcase a range of foods, including fried chicken, pizza, pastries, and soups. They’re often encased in durable glass and are available with adjustable temperatures so you can choose the best setting based on your menu items.

They’re great for delis, takeaway, fish and chips, and supermarkets. Some even have thin shelves to increase product visibility for impulse buys. In addition, you can find pass-through models for fast service and those with fixed flat or curved fronts to protect your foods from contamination in full-service and cafeteria-style eateries. You can also find floor-standing cases with multiple shelves to accommodate larger quantities of food.


When choosing a heated food display showcase, consider the size and design of the unit. For example, if your business experiences high traffic volumes, opt for a wider case to accommodate multiple customers. Alternatively, a narrower case could be an ideal fit if you sell items that can be easily stacked or stored on shelves.

Commercial hot food displays are essential equipment for restaurants, convenience stores, and other businesses that require heating, displaying, and serving hot foods. These units keep food at the right temperature to ensure it is delicious and attractive for customers, and they can help boost sales. They are available in different sizes and designs to suit any location or business, and they are made from quality materials that can withstand high temperatures. They also come in full-service countertop models or self-serve designs that prevent direct contact between staff and customers. These features make them an attractive and convenient choice for any food business.

Energy Efficiency

The right hot food display ensures that your customers get their pizza, burgers, chicken wings, and other items at the optimal temperature for flavor and texture. It also helps you avoid violations of food safety regulations, which could lead to costly fines or even closure.

Choosing energy-efficient equipment can significantly lower your daily electricity consumption and help reduce your carbon footprint. Insulated food carriers keep dishes hot for hours and can be rolled away when not in use to reduce energy costs.

Heated displays also enclose your food, protecting it from contaminants like flies, bugs, and dust that would sully the dish and make your customers sick. They also prevent overcooked items from souring, resulting in taste and texture issues that must be better for your customers or brand. A commercial food warmer also saves you money on waste disposal fees because it reduces the amount of spoiled food you must throw away.

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