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Things you can do while living in Florida

Things to do in Florida

If you want to find some exciting things to do in Florida, then you must keep your eyes open wide. The Sunshine State is full of things to do regardless if you’re a resident or just a visitor.

Florida is located along the Gulf of Mexico, making it a tourist haven for many people. It also has hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches along with Florida Hotels to explore. The Orlando area is popular for its Latin-oriented cultural influences and prominent arts community, as well as its celebrated nighttime, especially at South Beach.

Why Florida?

Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State for a reason. It’s sunny climate, mild winters, and tropical-like climate makes it a great place to take part in the outdoors. In fact, it is one of the most well-known vacation destinations in the United States.

There are several fun things to do in Florida, especially if you love the water. You can go snorkeling in the ocean, rent a boat, or participate in a water sport like kayaking or diving.

Things to do in Florida

·        Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the top things to do in Florida. Here you can do sunbathing and other water activities, like parasailing, boating, swimming, and sailing.

There are also lots of shopping and dining options in and around Fort Lauderdale. The beach there features world-class resorts and excellent Florida restaurants, and there’s always something going on in the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

·        St. Augustine

St. Augustine is another one of the top things to do in Florida. It is home to the first State University in Florida, which is named after the city of Saint Augustine. It is also home to the University of Miami, which is another reason why it is a popular beach town. The University has a great collection of art galleries and murals that can be found all over the city.

·        Cape Coral

The southernmost point of Florida is Cape Coral, which is actually the southernmost tip of Florida. If you’re interested in seeing some of the more southern beaches in the state,

Cape Coral should be included. There are plenty of interesting things to do in Florida at this southernmost point, including boat charters, parasailing, or just lying on the beach and looking at the sunsets. Another great thing to do in Florida is the Southern Oasis. This is a unique natural park consisting of a network of ponds that is surrounded by trees and is a great place to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

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·        Venice Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Florida is Venice Beach, which is located right on the Gulf of Mexico. There are many fun things to do in the Venice area including going swimming, surfing, boating, and fishing.

Other fun activities include going horseback riding through the countryside, taking a tour of the island, or enjoying one of the many dining locations in Venice. One of the best things about Venice Beach is that it is protected by a local ordinance that prohibits building any structures in the middle of the beach.

·        Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is another famous theme park that tourists love to visit. There are several fun things to do in Florida when you go to Walt Disney World.

The Magic Kingdom is the biggest theme park in the world, and it is especially great if you are visiting during the summer months. The Florida pavilion, EPCOT (short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), and Hollywood Studios are some of the other popular attractions.

If you love water parks, then you will love all of the water parks that Walt Disney World offers.

·        Hiking-Ari

Another place that is world famous for its natural beauty and wildlife is Hiking-ari. This walking trail covers more than 200 miles of Florida coastline. Along the way, you will pass through the Everglades, a National Wildlife Refuge, and the Keys, home to renowned dolphins.

The trails also go through Tallahassee, one of the largest cities in Florida. If you enjoy wildlife and beautiful scenery, hiking-ari is one of the best things to do in Florida.

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