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Why Choose a Monoblock Instead of a Laptop or PC

Why Choose a Monoblock Instead of a Laptop or PC

A monoblock is a great device, suitable for home and work, studying and surfing the web, watching movies, playing at an online casino Philippines, and even for video games. Let’s find out what’s good about monoblocks and what their main drawbacks are.

Monoblock: What Is It?

What is a monoblock? It’s a device that occupies the intermediate stage between a large PC with a system unit and a compact ergonomic laptop, and looks like an ordinary monitor. Monoblock is designed for stationary work: it’s placed on the desktop like any other monitor. It has no system unit: all the necessary components for the computer, including CPU and motherboard, are right in the monitor. On its external surface, you will find all the usual home computer interfaces: microphone input, headphones, a bunch of USB ports, etc.

In short, it’s a great choice for those who don’t want to bother with assembling their computer and choosing accessories individually. It has everything you need. All you need to buy is a keyboard and mouse and they are often included. You don’t even need speakers: most all-in-one PCs are equipped with their own stereo speakers.

What Computer Monoblocks Are Used for

Due to their compactness, ergonomics and simplicity in connection, monoblocks are widespread in those spheres of activity which require the use of a large number of computers without any serious performance requirements. For example, desktop computers are often purchased for offices, for which there are two good arguments. Firstly, buying a monoblock requires almost no specialized knowledge: it’s much easier to choose a monoblock than to buy a ready-made system unit with a monitor, much less to bother assembling a PC from scratch. And secondly, they save a lot of precious working space. For the same reasons you can often find monoblocks in schools or colleges.

For the average user, all the design advantages of a monoblock are relevant. Due to its tiny size it will fit perfectly into the interior of a small apartment, a hostel or a rented room and will be cheaper than a similar notebook and it will be more convenient to work with it at the table. Moreover, you can recommend monoblocks for everyone who needs a single computer for home and cottage, or for those who often have to move from place to place.

Benefits of Monoblocks

Besides being compact and easy to transport, one of the key advantages of monoblocks can be considered the extreme ease of connection and mastering. There is literally nowhere to get confused – everything that can be connected to them is connected in one place! This makes monoblocks an ideal choice as the first computer for a schoolchild or, on the contrary, for an elderly person who might not find it easy to deal with complicated equipment. Lately touch screen monoblocks have become especially popular: to work with such a computer you don’t even have to learn how to use a mouse. Remember that the absence of unnecessary wires that connect the system unit with other components in a large PC, greatly facilitates the process of cleaning the workplace.

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